Welpertained to the guide for the Vita version of Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana. Before beginning, it"s incredibly essential to allude out that tright here are distinctions in between the Vita and PS4 variation of the game. The PS4 version has actually additional content and trophies, as such this guide would be incomplete as soon as used for a PS4 variation. If you"re playing the PS4 variation, take a look at this guide:
Linked: Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA Trophy GuideAfter being shipwrecked on the cursed Isle of Seiren, Adol sets out to discover various other survivors and to discover the island. On the other hand he"s having stselection desires about a girl named Dana ever given that he wamelted ashore. Guide Rating 162,623Views
Besides that, the new localization patch that was released on January 30th, 2018 alters a lot in-game names of people, places, and items. As of April second, 2018 this overview has actually been updated to patch 1.02. Before playing this game, it"s highly recommended to downfill that patch, as it additionally fixes the translations and also various other issues, such as among the recipes no much longer being missable.The challenge, amount of playthroughs, and time essential to plat are additionally based upon doing every little thing in 1 playthrough on Nightmare obstacle. In case the first playthrough is done on Easy, the ratings would beDifficulty: 3/10Playthroughs: 2Hours: about 75 as well, because the first playthrough and also clean up would be done in about 60 hours
When founding the game, it"s feasible to play on Nightmare difficulty from the begin. However, on Nightmare you get a lot much less endure from defeating adversaries and also it takes a lot much longer to defeat them. Besides that, bosses recoup from being stunned much faster, condition ailments develop up a lot quicker, and their impacts are even more severe. For example, being shed will certainly drain your wellness in mere secs on Nightmare. Therefore it"s recommended to execute a playwith on Easy/Normal. Though doing so means you"ll have to do a second playthrough on Nightmare. On the various other hand, beginning NG+ will certainly allow you to lug over levels, skills, items, and several various other points. The game also provides you some rewards when founding NG+, though these are optional. Try to acquire the true finishing, so you"ll have some exercise versus the bosses for the Nightmare playthrough. To gain the true finishing you have to have at leastern 150 reputation (watch  Roaring Hero for more information) and also complete all 10 Eternia quests throughout the Dana segments (watch  Prosperous Kingdom for more information).

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Since the moment essential to plat the game is about the exact same when doing whatever in 1 playthrough or doing a 2nd playvia speedrun on Nightmare, it comes down to individual preference. If this is going to be your main playwith, additionally take a look at Stages 2 and also 3 of the Roadmap.
Stage 2: Start the Game on Nightmare Difficulty and also Reach the True EndingStart a new game on Nightmare obstacle and do not ever reduced it, otherwise you have the right to start anywhere aobtain. If this is your second playvia, feel cost-free to lug over all kind of things and to get NG+ bonsupplies. Besides that, tbelow are additionally complimentary DLC packs that give some good starting tools and items. Take a look at  Nightmare Surpasser for even more information.
You have to reach the true finishing for the trophy to pop. In situation that doesn"t take place, do not concern, you will not have to start a brand-new playvia as long as you"ve completed sufficient Castaway Village searches to obtain reputation. After the credits are finimelted, save the game, load it, satisfy the demands for the true finishing, and beat the last boss again.
Keep an eye out for the demands of these missable trophies. The story-connected trophies likewise have actually walkthroughs wbelow all the missable content is pointed out.

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Also discover eexceptionally map as a lot as you deserve to when entering it. It"s required to completely explore all maps for
 Completed Map. While doing that, open every chest you see for  Treasure Hunter and also fight eexceptionally enemy to obtain their entry ( Monster Expert) and also products ( Material Researcher). Even though there isn"t a trophy for finding all harvest points, assault them to obtain products. The game additionally keeps track of exactly how many type of chests tright here are in eincredibly location and how many kind of have been discovered, so that renders this a lot less complicated compared to Ys Memories of Celceta. Eextremely time as soon as entering a new location, look for fish shadows or ripples in the water and go fish. It"s vital to gain every one of them for  Seliminated Angler.While playing the game, switch characters as soon as one of the trophies pops for exploring thoroughly. It"s also recommended to wait via buying and also crafting armallows and accessories, as a lot of of them deserve to be discovered in chests. Armour is never uncovered in chests, so feel totally free to acquire these from merchants when they"re obtainable.