I collection my username without spaces yet it still claims "Server white-listed". What have to I carry out to sign up with the server?



When a server is white-listed, it way that only the players on the white-list can access the server. This alternative is typically used if the owner that the server desires to limit which football player can accessibility their server.

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The perform of white-listed players can be discovered under white-list.txt in the source server directory. If you own the server, you can add yourself to this white-list come gain access to the server. (Please keep in mind that if you room an OP ~ above the server girlfriend should currently be white-listed).

If you room not the owner that the server, have a look at your website. Part servers need you to sign up on your website to be white-listed top top the server.

If every else fails, call the server owner directly.

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Since Mojang supports name changes, whitelisted players and also their UUIDs space stored in whitelist.json.If it"s your server and also you have access to the server console, use the command whitelist include or if you desire to disable it, usage whitelist off.If it"s not your server, shot to contact the server owner and ask the to put you top top the whitelist.


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