Superhumans of good power favored by Apocalypse as his best followers. Genetically magnified to be beyond what they were before, the Horsemen herald their master"s damaging vision because that the world.

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The four horseman space Apocalypse"s an individual warriors and constantly play a key role in his plans for mutant conquest and domination. The improvements made to horseman are regularly a combination of both biological or hereditary manipulation and the employed of the celestial modern technology that Apocalypse uses.

The usage of the four horseman particularly is mostly symbolic, and also their strength are frequently either straight or closely related to your namesake. As soon as mutants (or in some instances humans) that room to come to be horseman are chosen that carry out not have preferred powers, Apocalypse will certainly augment their powers to more closely resemble their function or provide them new powers entirely. Regardless, the powers and also abilities of a horseman are generally augmented or magnified to serve Apocalypse"s purposes.

Apocalypse is additionally known to brainwash wake up horseman to become much more obedient soldiers. Several horseman have actually been may be to get rid of Apocalypse"s programming by sheer force of will. When brainwashing have the right to be overcome, the transformation procedure can still it is in psychologically damaging and also can haunt former horseman long after leave Apocalypse"s servitude.

Lastly, together a side effect of the transformation procedure a horseman"s appearance will often change. This deserve to be due to the fact that of an ext obvious alters such together Archangel"s steel wings, skin and also hair color changes such together in Gambit and also Angel as death, or various other physical transforms such as the enlarged stature and mass that Gazer together war.


The Horsemen the Apocalypse to be originally created by Louise Jones Simonson and Walter Simonson.

Team Evolution

The first Horsemen

Third incarnation

The following Horseman selected to be the mutant Sunfire, who had lost his legs in a fight through Lady Deathstrike. Sunfire had permitted Rogue to take the remainder of his powers in order to end up the fight and also defeat Lady Deathstrike. Powerless and also crippled, Sunfire to be approached through Apocalypse who offered him his legs, power, and dignity in exchange for servitude as Famine. Sunfire was lugged to Apocalypse"s temple, wherein he tried to aid Gazer escape. As soon as Sunfire was lastly able to get to Gazer that was much too late, as Gazer had actually been transformed into War in both body and mind.

Polaris had lost her powers ~ above M-Day, and also had ventured out right into the human being in an effort to discover how to become whole when more. The extraterrestrial Doop led Lorina come Apocalypse"s temple where she would be given earlier her magnetic abilities, and also the ability to carry and also transmit few of the most lethal illness known come man, together the horseman Pestilence.

Finally, conquer by feeling of loss and also self-loathing, Gambit sought out Apocalypse to volunteer himself as among the Horsemen. He defined to Apocalypse that he virtually believes that is on the mutants" side, emotion that M-Day has carried out the finest of Apocalypse. He likewise warned Apocalypse of betrayal, stating that he would certainly be there ideal at his side must the "old" Apocalypse present his face, waiting and also watching because that the X-Men. Gambit was given the capability to remotely transmute gases right into poison. His skin was additionally turned black color to reflect his new role together Death.

When Ozymandias dubbed upon Gazer to accomplish his portion of your arrangement, Gazer refuse to turn on his master. Top top refusing, Ozymandias ran Gazer with with his sword appropriate in former of Apocalypse. Gazer had also lead the X-Men into Apocalypse"s temple, where they found Polaris. They took her ago to the X-Mansion to receive heal from she transformation. Sunfire and also Gambit were seemingly able come break free from Apocalypse"s control and also fled together, understanding that only each various other would understand what they went through.

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Gazer is now dead. Lorna is earlier with the X-Men, and has been healed from she exposure to every one of the diseases she encountered together Pestilence. She is adjusting come the magnetic powers that Apocalypse revitalized in her. Her powers are currently unwieldy and challenging to control, and seem to it is in technologically based now, rather than biologically. Gambit and also Sunfire, in search of a brand-new direction in your shattered lives, to be approached by mister Sinister through the invite to sign up with his brand-new incarnation the the Marauders. Castle accepted. Apocalypse to be killed but has supposedly resurrected himself by ingraining his gene in an innocent small boy. Clan Akkaba is presently trying to indoctrinate him right into being a carbon-copy that Apocalypse.

Final Horsemen

Hulk ClassicsVarious members that the Horsemen the Apocalypse appeared in the HeroClix figure game. These include Plague and Caliban together Pestilence, loss Rolfson as Famine, Hulk together War and also both Wolverine and Archangel together Death.Bowen Designs exit a mini-bust illustrating Archangel together Death, complete with his original mask.ToyBiz"s Hulk standards (a sister heat to Marvel Legends) line consisted of War Hulk.Hasbro"s Marvel world line consisted of a number of Archangel together Death, which was a special variant of the existing Archangel figure.