Status-Now gives the consumers, who have received rebate sell on your purchased products, an online organization to uncover the fulfillment standing of the promo submission and also submit a rebate form for the claim. To search the status, the rebate recipients require to provide some the the details indigenous the acquisition receipt the their products or they deserve to do the process alternatively using the Tracking identifier they received in their email from Status-Now.

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How to search for the Rebate Status

The consumer can inspect their entry status an extremely conveniently through Status-Now. The procedure is quite an easy and straight-forward. To begin it, save the original or a copy the product purchase receipt comfortable to access the required information top top it and also follow the instructions discussed below:

Enter your Last name or agency Name in the respective field on the page.Input the Street Number next. (Only the digits have to be entered; look in ~ the example listed below)Lastly, enter the ZIP Code and hit the “Search” switch to operation the processOr, you deserve to simply get in the Tracking identifier if friend got any type of email post from Status-Now related to to her submission.


If her rebate is reflecting invalid, you will get a non-compliance notification explaining why your submission is ineligible. Absent information, incorrect purchase day or postmark date; there can be a many reasons because that the invalid standing of her rebate submission.

Besides, each rebate may have different requirements and also different borders on the number of times it can be submitted. See the rebate kind for the details rules for your rebate.

Things you have to know around the Rebate procedure The customer will not qualify because that the rebate if the is not postmarked through the date specified ~ above the rebate form. The postmark day is the job on i m sorry the post Office processes your envelope and also no mail is processed on Sundays.Every rebate has actually its details valid date range. You will not be eligible for the rebate if the acquisition is made exterior that day or you postmarked your entry after the date stated on her rebate form.If you are submitting a rebate because that a cell phone phone, the digital Serial number of it deserve to be uncovered on the outside of the product package or under the battery ~ above the inside of the phone.For other items, the Serial Number is normally located top top a tiny sticker or some various other label on the product.The email deal with of the rebate recipients will always be retained confidential. Despite it is no mandatory to administer an email address to obtain the rebate, you room recommended to go into the email as it provides Status-Now to communicate with you about the condition of her rebate.

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Contact Information

For any type of question regarded your rebate entry or offer, dial 1-800-953-3098 in between 9 am and also 5 pm MST.