For part people, history is simply that, something to be learned in a classroom, a repertoire of names and also stories in special textbooks. Yet there are plenty of reasons history is necessary well past a midterm exam in high school. Robert Denning, a faculty lead because that his history at Southern new Hampshire University, said everyone services from historic knowledge because it describes humanity itself and also how we arrived at where we room today.

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"History is the story of adjust over time. It likewise demonstrates that human being nature has remained reasonably constant," he said. "History demonstrates the circumstances and also technologies change, yet humans still desire the very same things that they want in ahead civilizations: wealth, security, happiness, power, spiritual and also social fulfillment, etc."

There are also people like John Roos, who has actually used the examine of history to transform his personal and expert lives.

Transformation through History

Roos was just a child once he went to Gettysburg National armed forces Park in 1990 v his family. "I experienced the monuments, the floor the soldiers fought on, and National Park organization rangers offering tours on the battlefield," he said. "I knew the was what I want to carry out for a career at 10-years old.”

Despite originally pursuing a profession exterior his passion, transporting packages for a lucrative startup agency contracted through Amazon, Roos said his within 10-year old winner out.

"I to be making great money, actually, but I wasn’t happy," he said. "Deciding to go earlier to institution was my wake-up call."

Roos deserve his bachelor"s level in historywith a concentration in American background and now works in the an extremely environment that initially sparked his excitement 28 year ago. He started his career together a volunteer at a Revolutionary battle park in brand-new Jersey and also gained much more experience guiding tours at George Washington"s Headquarters in Morristown, new Jersey. The experience, earning his degree and a pair the internships at historic sites, brought about his present position at fort Washington Park exterior Washington D.C. Where he works full time as a park guide.

"I wound up gift qualified to provide tours in ~ all four battlefields, both historic homes and also multiple special events." the said. "I wanted and did acquire so much knowledge from this park that it has come to be my focus to floor a permanent position there."

Roos" trip is one of plenty of roles a background in background can prepare you for.

Gaining a Future through History

Like Roos, plenty of who share his zeal for background earn a degree in the subject or a related ar prior to heading right into the experienced world.

James Fennessy, associate dean of faculty for background at, because that instance, said he has constantly appreciated the research of history, but it to be the influence of several of his professors, who common his fervor, that assisted him uncover direction

"My undergraduate endure was the catalyst for setup me ~ above my current path,” claimed Fennessy.

Fennessy said history graduates build many soft an abilities – research and assessment, translate in a bigger context, an essential thinking, and solid communication of facility issues, to surname a couple of – the have straight carryover come the job field.

"These are all crucial skills that establishments are searching for in candidates, particularly the capacity to understand and also connect v people,” he said.

In addition to his very own chosen course in education, over there are numerous professions that adopt those with a level in history, stated Fennessy.

"Some the the most typical fields that someone through a background degreeenter room museum work, law, politics, teaching at assorted levels and also working for research study groups," that said. "You deserve to even use a background degree if girlfriend are an ext of an out person and also use the understanding from your level to occupational for the national Park Service. You could need additional training for that type of role, however, depending on the job."

The an individual Benefits of History

In enhancement to setup him increase for skilled success, Fennessy credited historical awareness with personal growth together well.

"Personally, history informs my expertise of the world, both past and present," he said. "Having a solid understanding of what has happened in our history helps us to have an informed understanding the what is currently happening.”

Denning stated his master of background has positively affected his existing relationships.

"Knowledge the the past, and how past events influenced people differently, can develop empathy in the existing for other human being in various social or gaue won classes and groups, whose history may different from the mainstream," stated Denning.

Moreover, Denning said history is important because it encompasses every other ar of human knowledge.

"There is a history behind math, economics, biology, engineering, etc.," the said. "None the those fields emerged in a vacuum. Every one of those fields occurred within more comprehensive political, social, cultural, and religious contexts and were affected by those contexts."

However, learning from background begins with preventing cliches such together “history repeats itself” and also “those who ignore background are condemned to repeat it," claimed Denning.

"Historians don’t think that,” he said. "In very rare situations, we believe that expertise of the past deserve to tell united state what to do or what to protect against in the present, but circumstances space rarely similar enough to have an exact analogy native the past. Instead, we believe that a thorough expertise of the previous will assist present leader make educated decisions based on all accessible data.”

Fennessy stated a strong knowledge the the previous helps chroniclers identify trends and also cycles throughout history and then use that acumen of the past to enhance insight of current events and also prepare much better for the future.

"With the existing political climate and how easily we all come to be passionate around our opinions on different topics, knowledge the sources for our opinions and also the history behind the topics is necessary if we want to have actually an informed and intelligent debate,” claimed Fennessy. "We perform not have to all agree on our interpretations, yet we do must make certain that we room using reputable sources and also understand the history of these topics."

Practical application of History

Due to the nature that Roos" job, he meets many people who have varying, and also often strong, approaches on historical figures, events and also politics. That experience has actually led him to identify that background has plenty of layers and also is rarely black and also white.

"It tells united state that what we carry out today is no as an easy as one thing," he said.

Roos explained, for instance, that regularly a historical military leader might be judged because that winning or losing a battle without consideration of extenuating circumstances, such as political pressures and other factors, a truth that brought about Roos to adjust his college thesis, and the means he views both past and also present events.

"Layers thrive from seeing that historic moment came about because of this, this and also that, and the aftereffect was that, that and this," that said. "It is not one moment. That is a series of moment that shapes what happened, wherein we space today, and also where we are going.”

Roos’ very first moment came when he was 10-years old, but his story, that said, is just beginning.

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Ryan O"Connor works in higher education marketing at Southern brand-new Hampshire University. Affix with him on LinkedIn.