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• Wolof-English thesaurus (1995) (Peace Corps, Gambia)

• Ay Baati Wolof Wolof-English dictionary, by Pamela Munro & Dieynaba Gaye (1997)

• WolofResources: Wolof-French-English vocabulary by topics

• 17 minute languages: Wolof-English typical phrases (+ audio)

• Janga Wolof: Wolof-English common phrases

• Wisdom of the Wolof sages defined & analyzed into English, by Richard Shawyer (2009)

• Wolofii: Wolof proverbs & translation right into French

• Au-Sénégal: Wolof proverbs & translation right into French

• Dictionnaire français-volof: French-Wolof thesaurus & abridged Wolof grammar, by V.-J. Guy-Grand & Olivier Abiven ( (1923)

• La langue wolof: the Wolof language & French-Wolof vocabulary through Jean-Baptiste Rambaud (1903)

• Dictionnaire français-wolof: French-Wolof & French-Bambara thesaurus by Jean Dard (1825)

• Wolof > French

• Vocabulaire de la langue ouolofe by René Geoffroy de Villeneuve, in Afrique, ou Histoire, mœurs, usages et coutumes des Africains (1814)

• Barbot"s West african vocabularies (by Jean Barbot created in 1680), by Paul Hair (1992)

• early on published vocabularies of the Wolof language through David gamble (1992)

• Vocabulaires guiolof, foule, mandingue, saracolé, seraire, bagnon et floupe recueillis à la côte d"Afrique, to water le organization de l"ancienne Compagnie royale du Sénégal, in Mémoires de la Société ethnologique (1845)

• The Compagnie royale dictionaire manuscript: an early lexicographic expedition of historical Senegambia, through Henning Schreiber (2011)

Wolof language

→ Wolof key-board to kind the special characters of the Wolof alphabet

• Laaf: Wolof course in English, French, German

• Afroweb: Wolof grammar

• Sénégalaisement: Wolof food (in French)

• Étudiants du monde: Wolof course (in French)

• Wolof resources

• Boston university: Wolof course, proverbs (with video)

• Verbix: link of verb

• Wolof grammar hand-operated by Richard Shawyer (2001)

• Trainee Wolof hands-on by Bamba Diop, peace Corps Senegal (2012)

• Wolof grammar manual, tranquility Corps Gambia (1995)

• practical course in Wolof (1980)

• notes on Wolof grammar by william Stewart (1970), modification by wilhelm Gage

• Lexical resources in Wolof and English for talking of time in terms of room by Kevin Ezra Moore (2007)

• vowel harmony in Wolof through Carla Unseth (2009)

• Grammaire de la langue volofe: Wolof grammar by Aloïs Kobès (1869)

• Grammaire de la langue woloffe: Wolof grammar by David Boilat (1858)

• Grammaire wolofe: Wolof grammar by Jean Dard (1826)

• books & papers around the Wolof language: Google books | internet archive | Academia| Wikipedia


• Wolof online

Texts & Literature

• tales of francophony from Senegal, Mali, Mauritanie: messages in French & Wolof (+ audio)

• The scriptures translated right into Wolof

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First post of the universal Declaration of human being Rights

Doomi aadama yépp danuy juddu, yam ci tawfeex ci death ak sañ-sañ. Nekk na that ku xam dëgg te à nd na ak xelam, te war naa jëflante ak nawleen, te teg ko ci wà llu mbokk.

• Bataaxal gu mag gi ëmb sañ-sañi doomi aadama: translation into Wolof (+ audio)

→ an initial article in different languages

→ universal Declaration of human being Rights: bilingual text in Wolof & various other languages