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Jim indigenous St. Charles, MoThe harmonica apparently has some limitations. Harmonica parts have a the majority of notes that sound a half-step the end of scale fairly frequently.....Brian indigenous Boston, MaThis is a really an excellent song. Top top my ns pod I often tend to pat a most 90"s songs and also this one is among them. This is off the album four by Blues Traveler likewise anothe an excellent 90"s album.I could go top top a rant here however I"ll store it short. The 90"s were the last good decade the music. For someone prefer me who likes guitar oriented music the crap that passes for music today disgusts me . I have actually no usage for D.J.s scratching documents while a group of slutty dancers execute to pre tape-recorded music . Call me crazy but I admire musician that in reality know exactly how to pat instruments. Anyway this song is pretty simple to beat on guitar. Four chords G, C ,A minor and D throughout the entire song.Stacy indigenous St. Louis, MoCaitlin, he wasn"t "put" behind the curtain. I saw him in one interview and he described that they (Blue"s Traveler) did the on function to do a point around how specific people are placed in former of audiences simply since they fit stereotypical standards of attractiveness (kind of favor Milli Vanilli). Kyle native Columbia, MoI witnessed them in Concert in ~ Jessie Hall. The place wasn"t full at all. Once Popper came out top top stage, the looked around and said, "Alright, everyone forget about those seats and also just come on as much as the stage." good concert.Cameron from Austin, Txanyone see John Popper latley? he"s lost over two hundred pounds!Natasha from Oklahoma City, OkI began listening to popular radio throughout the year the 94 however i never heard this or their various other song "Hook" but I did begin hearing lock both during summer of 96...did it just take those 2 songs a lengthy time to catch popularity?Anna native Aiken, ScThis song came out once I was 4 years old and also has pretty lot been stuck in my head ever since. I just recently uncovered out what it was called and also who performed that (apparently, ns was no a an extremely musically mindful four year old), and also immediately go out and also bought it. Play it 5 hundred times seems to be the only means to acquire it the end of mine head. I adore the harmonica, it"s divine. Mike indigenous Warwick, RiI saw these males live in 1995 playing the Fox Theater, Atlanta because that Chinese brand-new Year. Us were front row and also blown away by John"s dimension and capacity to pat the harmonica. They go out it out on this song.Caitlin indigenous Sailsbury, Nci saw them in concert!Meagan native Baton Rouge, Lamy brother obtained me into blues traveler and i actually want to pat the harmonica since of john popper however i give up too easily so it wouldnt work out. The a great song additionally and i agree that man popper is the male i also know someone who called a cat ~ him. Popper is actually a good cats name. Hehe. O well and also i really love all their music and think this band is means too unknown and that alot much more people need to know about it and id love to walk to the fourth of july concert in colorodo i think that is on red rock yet of course ns am no atlas what execute i know. And also i really lve the song sweet pain its really beautiful.John indigenous Millersville, MdAwesome song. Will, i love your hendrix/entwhistle analogy. It"s so true! Popper is the man.Robert from Chicago, IlI love this song, ns went ~ above a poor blind date,And the girl had no attention in me at all, mine buddy who set me up retained humoring and also telling me she did. She left me a voicemail, saying she wasn"t in to me. Everytime i hear this song I laugh, due to the fact that I know exactly how john popper feeling in this song.Caitlin indigenous Sailsbury, Nci hate the video clip for this tune it provides me feel poor because they placed him behind the curtinWill from Mcallen , Txi love john popper. Hes come the harmonica what jimmy hendrix is come the guitar or man entwhistle is come the bass. And also hes a good singer too. Keep it up john.see much more comments
always On my MindWillie Nelson

Songwriter Wayne Carson came up through "Always On mine Mind" on the phone to his wife as soon as he to be apologizing to she for being stuck in ~ the office.

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One method Or AnotherBlondie

"One means Or Another" is based upon a stalker that creeped the end Blondie command singer Debbie Harry.

I will certainly SurviveGloria Gaynor

There was only one Grammy ever before given for finest Disco Recording. It visited "I will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.

AngieThe rolling Stones

"Angie" to be the only ballad by The rojo Stones come hit #1 in America.

Seven nation ArmyThe White Stripes

Jack White titled "Seven country Army" after exactly how he would mispronounce "Salvation Army" once he to be little.

finish Of The RoadBoyz II guys

"End of The Road" by Boyz II guys comes off a little bit thirsty, specifically when we uncover out the girl cheated top top him. In Living shade parodied at together "Boyz II Wimps."

SugarlandSongwriter Interviews

Meet the "sassy basket" v the biggest voice in nation music.

Gary LewisSongwriter Interviews

Gary Lewis and the Playboys had actually seven top 10 hits regardless of competition native The Beatles. Gary talks about the hits, his famous father, and also getting drafted.

Paul WilliamsSongwriter Interviews

He"s a singer and an actor, however as a songwriter Paul aided make Kermit a cultured frog, rotate a financial institution commercial right into a vast hit and also made love both "exciting and also new" and "soft as basic chair."

Barry Dean ("Pontoon," "Diamond Rings and also Old Barstools")Songwriter Interviews

A top country songwriter, Barry talks about writing hits because that Little huge Town, Tim McGraw and also Jason Aldean.

Frankie ValliSong composing

An interview through Frankie Valli, who talks about why his song - both solo and with The four Seasons - have actually endured, and reflects top top his time as Rusty Millio ~ above The Sopranos.

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decision WatersSongwriter Interviews

Waters tells the "Gypsy Woman" story, shares some of her songwriting insights, and also explains just how Dennis Rodman ended up on among her songs.