25 weeks today and favor 98% of baby"s kicks are felt super low! Like i practically need to stick my hand in my pants to feel from the external, like bacount over my crotch. When she kicks it feels choose deep pressure I think on my cervix. Every when and also a while she"ll replace and give me a great kick on the side choose by belly switch however that"s choose as soon as a week. Anyone else"s baby laying low and also is this normal?


I simply posted basically the same thing without seeing this first! Mines been in this very same place for over a week. I have anterior placenta so I"m not certain if he moves much the just kicks I ever before feel are best in my cervix. Driving me insane!

My baby kicks low as well but he also kicks almost everywhere else so he need to be moving a lot lol. I hate tho as soon as I have simply drank a bunch of water and he will kick me exceptionally low I always have to run to usage the restroom. I"ve gotten usage to it currently. FTM.

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I"m 24w3d and my baby does the very same thing ! It practically feels choose shes standing up or something ! lol that"s exactly how low she is I"m prefer why is she so low

I"ve been enduring the very same thing. It feels favor my daughter is trampolining on my cervix. She was especially active after dinner the various other night and it was jarring exactly how low she was. I likewise have actually an anterior placenta. I do not know if it"s a factor or not. Will ask my Dr. on 4/13.

absolutely. I feel my son relocate and also kick anywhere but exact same point, best approximately my pant line down low I feel him kick, not so much anymore though but I definitely think he"s head dvery own already, yet I"m obsessed via feeling his movements

I"m likewise 25 wks and it seems thee baby has actually relocated. The kicks and jabs were on the sides now they are closer to crotch and also above belly button. This makes me think that the baby has actually positioned himself for shipment. How exciting!!!

Im 24 weeks and also the very same here! Her head is at the peak of my belly and her feet are down low!! But i feel her in both locations.



Just found out we are having a girl!! This is my initially pregnancy and also I have actually an anterior placenta. I was told I most likely won’t feel movement until week 20-22 however today I felt her kicking at 19w3d! Even on the outside I felt her kick my hand!!...
3rd child, initially 2 additionally vaginal births. I"m currently nearly 31 weeks, baby appears super low and literally practically every kick and roll the baby does feels like it is around to break my water, I remember the feeling with the first 2. I gain this...
So I went in for decreased activity. They hooked me approximately monitors for heart price, kicks, and contractions. They then sent out me dvery own to obtain an ultrasound. Baby’s heartbeat is great and also her movements are additionally good!My babies amniotic liquid levels...

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