Critics have actually traditionally split over the concern of even if it is Antigone or Creon is the protagonist in the play, Antigone, through Sophocles. The prize lies in ones translate of the play. Is that a play around a woman doomed by the sins of she father, r is that a play around a king that holds himself much more powerful 보다 the gods? Antigone is the daughter that Oedipus. Oedipus, once the king of Thebes, unwittingly eliminated his father and also married his mother. Four children, Polyneices, Etocles, Antigone, and Ismene to be the commodities of that union.When Oedipus learn the true ident y of Iocaste, his wife and mother, he blinds himself and also leaves Thebes. His 2 sons, Polyneices and Etocles, wage battle over the regulate of Thebes, and kill each other in doing so. As soon as the beat opens, Antigone is speaking through her sister, Ismene, about Creon’s (present king of Thebes) decree that Polyneices be denied a burial. Polyneices’ body will certainly be put into the fields, unburied, together punishment because that his attack on Thebes. Antig e decides she must bury the body. If Antigone is the protagonist the this play, then the activity is a more saga in the chapter of Oedipus.Oedipus and his family are doomed because that his sin versus the gods. Sophocles describes this in Ode II: Where as soon as the fury of heaven has actually struck, that house has actually shaken because that ever: damnation rises behind every child favor a wave cresting out of the black color northeast, when the long darkness under sea roars up and also bursts drumming fatality upon the whindwhipped sand (336). Creon becomes a tool of the gods used to further the doom of the family of Oedipus. Antigone knows the she is cursed. In the prologue, Antigone says, ” . . .You would certainly think that we had already suffered sufficient for the curse top top Oedipus . . . ” (322). She decides the it is she duty to defy Creon’s proclamation and also bury her brother, ns neices, so the his soul have the right to rest in peace in the Underworld. Antigone is not concerned with the penalty of fatality that he (Creon) has actually promised to impose top top anyone who dares defy his edict, because her death has been foretold through the gods. Antigone ooses to ask Polyneices so that they have the right to both die v honor. She notes that life is short, yet that fatality is forever.Antigone remarks, “It will not be the worst the deaths – fatality without honor” (325). If Antigone is the protagonist, all the action of the pat is derived from this choice. Creon is the antagonist, the means by i m sorry Antigone makes the choice to die v honor. Creon becomes a pawn between the battle of Antigone and also the gods. Ant one chooses to make her peace with the gods by sacrificing her life to uphold their legislations of burial. She tells Creon ” . . . Every your strength is weak itself versus the immortal unrecorded laws of the gods” (333).If Creon is the protagonist, this is a play around the hubris of a guy who thinks himself much more powerful, and much more important than the gods. He has decreed the Polyneices continue to be unburied come pay because that his crimes against the state. However in make this procl ation, Creon defies the regulations of the gods and prevents the gods from claiming Polyneices, after ~ his death. As soon as Antigone is carried to Creon, after she crime has been discovered, Creon is enraged. Antigone defines that over there is a higher law 보다 his, at of the gods, and also she is obeying the god proclamation.But Creon can only view that she has broken his laws: The girl is guilty of double insolence, breaking the provided laws and boasting of it. That is the guy here, She or I, if this crime walk unpunished (334)? that condemns Antigone to fatality by entombing she in stone. With this action, Creon seals his fate. Creon listens to no people advice. His kid Haimon and also Charagos warn him against an overwhelming the gods. Creon, however, deserve to not see previous his own pride.Teserias lastly convinces him of his foolishness. He speak Creon the ” . . . He Furies and also the da gods of Hell are swift with devastating punishment for you” (347). Creon goes to set Antigone free, however it is also late, his fate has actually been written. Antigone has actually hung herself, and also Haimon is grief stricken the his love has actually taken her very own life. Haimon atte ts to kill his father, but fails, and kills himself. Creon returns home to find that his wife, grief stricken by her son’s death, has likewise killed herself. Creon realizes the all that has actually happened is a result of his arrogance. “Fate has brought all m ride come a assumed of dust” (354).If Creon is the protagonist, the activity of the pat is obtained from Creon’s an option to make his laws much more important than the laws of the gods. Antigone is the antagonist, the method by i beg your pardon Creon defies the gods. He choose to hold himself over the g s, and is severely punished because that this action. While over there is proof for both Antigone and Creon gift the protagonists, I believe the action of the pat is centered around Creon. When Antigone’s simple character continues to be the same, Creon’s character undergoes a profound change. He starts as an a ogant, proud king, and ends together a broken humble man.

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