We all understand and also love the smell of cannabis – earthy, musky, and sticky-sweet. But occasionally, typically right after you harvest and start to cure your plants, your cannabis have the right to take on an unpleasant hay smell instead. Does this suppose your harvest is ruined? Why does this happen, and also just how have the right to it be avoided?


Is My Weed Ruined?

First of all, don’t issue – your harvest isn’t destroyed. The hay/grass smell that your cannabis is providing off originates from chlorophyll. If you dry and also cure your cannabis effectively, the chlorophyll breaks dvery own and also the smell goes away. If you dry your cannabis too quick, the chlorophyll won’t have time to break dvery own fully. That isn’t right, however the smell will certainly go amethod if you wait, and you have the right to still enjoy your cannabis. How lengthy it takes for the smell to disshow up entirely counts on how it was dried, but you shouldn’t have to wait longer than 4 weeks. 

The Bad News

The great news is that your cannabis will be okay. The bad news is, at this point it will certainly more than likely never be good. That’s because the exact same mistakes that provided your cannabis its unpleasant hay or grass smell have actually additionally probably damaged some of the bud’s terpenes, and also may have prevented the bud from getting to its maximum potency.

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Terpenes are strong-smelling natural compounds uncovered in all kinds of plants. Cannabis has actually more than 100 different terpenes, and also they are extremely crucial. Terpenes are what provide various strains various scents, and they additionally connect with cannabinoids to modify the strain’s results. Unfortunately, a lot of of cannabis’ terpene content is stored in the tricresidences, which are quickly damaged by touch and also by temperature. Some terpenes can deterioprice at temperatures as low as 70°F – so it’s most likely that if you dried your bud also conveniently or also aggressively, the majority of the terpene content has been damaged. The THC will still be tbelow, yet it can be a bland and also generic high.

The high might also be less potent than desired. In a process referred to as biosynthesis, cannabis converts specific compounds right into others. For example, cannabis produces THC-A and also later converts it to THC. This process deserve to proceed after you cut down your plant, if you dry your cannabis properly. If you dry it also easily or disclose it to temperatures that are as well high, you can halt the process early on and end up via much less THC than you wanted.

How to Dry and Cure Cannabis

Appropriate drying and curing are both very crucial components in determining the final top quality of your product, so it’s vital to perform them both appropriate. Keep in mind that drying and also curing are not synonymous – drying happens initially, typically over the course of a week or ten days. Following drying, cannabis should be cured for a minimum of two or three weeks, although a much longer cure time will certainly yield smoother smoke. Here’s exactly how to execute it:


Hang your trimmed branches from wire or string.The room your cannabis is stored in have to be entirely dark.Temperatures should remain between 60° and 70°F.Humidity need to be retained at 45-55%.Keep a fan in the room to gently circulate air. Make sure it isn’t blowing directly throughout any type of of your bud, though. Be gentle through your trichomes!Check up on your bud eexceptionally so often – when the smaller sized branches snap instead of bending and the flowers start to feel slightly crunchy, you’re all set to begin curing.



If you haven’t already cut off your buds from their branches and manicured them, do that at this stage. Next off, put all the trimmed buds in an airtight container. Machild jars are perfect, but you can really use anypoint as long as it is airtight. Fill the jar up loosely – don’t fill it tight.Store your filled containers in a cool, dry, dark area.

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Check on your buds a number of times per day. You need to check out that the buds aren’t crunchy on the external anyeven more, yet have actually rehydrated themselves. This is good! That moisture originates from deeper within the buds, and the curing process is just how you get rid of it. If the buds aren’t rehydrating themselves, it implies you dried your cannabis as well much during the previous phase.For the first week, as soon as you open up the containers, leave them open up for a few minutes to let the buds breathe. This allows the moisture to evaporate, and also also enables brand-new oxygen into the container. If you smell ammonia when opening a container, that suggests that the bud was still as well wet after drying, and also that anaerobic bacteria are presently eating your cannabis. This deserve to lead to mold and also rot.After the first week, proceed to open the jars when per day to let the moisture evaporate.
After 2-3 weeks of curing, your cannabis will certainly most likely be cured to a point wbelow it is pleasant to smoke, however attempt to be patient! As chlorophyll breaks dvery own, it produces minerals and sugars that make the smoke feel harsher and even more acidic. During the curing process, aerobic bacteria and enzymes break down those compounds, which renders the bud feel a lot smovarious other. If you can wait eight weeks, your bud will taste and also feel remarkable.

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