1) For plenty of Americans, George Washington was A) a symbol of the brand-new republic.B) a routine, typical political leader.C) no a renowned leader.D) a risk to proclaim self king.E) a great general, however not necessarily a good politician.

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2) president Washington taken into consideration his role as very first president come includeA) having actually his own confront put ~ above the new one-dollar bill.B) posting a collection of "hearthside chats" in which he addressed the civilization directly. C) personally demonstrating the existence of a strong republic.D) transforming the White residence into a national symbol.E) enlarging the U.S. Army and also building army bases in every state.
3) according to the first census, the populace of the United claims in 1790 to be approximatelyA) 2.5 million.B) 3.9 million.C) 7.5 million.D) 10 million.E) 13.7 million.
4) The i of which act produced the commonwealth court system? A) Judiciary plot of 1800B) Judiciary act of 1789C) Holmes action of 1792D) Franklin-Marshall act of 1796 E) Ellsworth plot of 1789
5) i m sorry of the complying with individuals was no a member that George Washington"s very first cabinet?A) cutting board JeffersonB) wilhelm SimmonsC) Edmund RandolphD) Alexander HamiltonE) Henry Knox
6) The very first chief justice of the United says Supreme Court was A) Alexander Hamilton.B) Oliver Ellsworth.C) man Jay.D) Edmund Randolph.E) Benjamin Franklin.
7) together secretary of state, cutting board Jefferson organized the federal census v a employee of A) 5.B) 50.C) 75.D) 100.E) 125.
8) i m sorry of the adhering to did Hamilton and also Jefferson have actually in common? A) belief in a republican societyB) belief that the national government should be strongC) faith in the usual manD) fears of the impact of the French change on American culture E) great respect because that the purity that the brothers constitution
9) i m sorry of the adhering to was not a Hamiltonian idea?A) The government should try to foster commercial and industrial development.B) The new central government would endure if the wealthiest world supported it. C) France to be the united States" most vital ally.D) A national financial institution was necessary for the country"s financial health.E) The advancement of cities was key to the success that the nation.
10) Federalists were really enthusiastic around capitalism butA) doubted the United says would ever become a great commercial power.B) admitted that the Jeffersonians probably had actually stronger publicly appeal.C) would just be effective in the United claims if the franchise was expanded.D) were afraid power would become concentrated in cities.E) did no trust the world or local government to make an excellent decisions around financial matters.
11) The greatest an obstacle facing the an initial Washington management was A) foreign affairs.B) war with native Americans.C) financial.D) territorial expansion.E) federal government trade.
12) Hamilton"s Report On the general public Credit recommended A) the renunciation of all old federal government debts.B) that the federal federal government assume continuing to be state debts. C) that the states money most government activities.D) the bankers be limited in their dealings v the federal government.E) the the federal federal government offer its creditor 80 percent the the face value of its obligations.
13) James Madison protest Hamilton"s proposal for the public debt due to the fact that A) he feared Hamilton"s growing political power.B) the powers of state federal government would it is in reduced.C) he believed only a chosen couple of would benefit.D) the did not foster the government of the Revolution.E) many soldiers had lost the old loan certificates that entitled them come payment.

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14) Opposition come Hamilton"s proposed nationwide bankA) to be led through James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.B) reflected the fears of exclusive bankers.C) to be justified due to the fact that his plans so plainly favored a couple of "monied interests." D) normally did not involve the general public.E) resented the the enterprise would be wholly private, v no real ties to the federal government.
15) One criticism that Hamilton"s assumption program was that states favor ________, which had sloppy gaue won systems, would certainly be rewarded because that nonpayment the debt. A) new YorkB) new JerseyC) Connecticut D) GeorgiaE) Massachusetts