Margaret Lucas Cavendish (1623 - 1673), was a philosopher, poet, scientist, fiction writer and also drama writer the the ten century. Her work is very early and adaptable version of naturalism the is still in philosophy and science today. That has substantially helped to popularize the idea the ​​a clinical revolution. As the very first known female thinker in England, she strongly promoted the education and learning of women and also their consists in science, for which she had actually problems and was criticized. The contemporaries resented her, since she together a woman published her works and also writings and also was no signed by any other name.

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The correct answer is A) they accused her of acquisition credit for her husband’s work.

Some philosophers and also scientists criticized Margaret Cavendish due to the fact that they accused her of acquisition credit for she husband’s work.

Margaret Cavendish (1623-1673) was a renown scientist writer that created 14 publications on the subject. Biographers ad her together a flamboyant mrs that favored public attention She married the battle each other of Newcastle, william Cavendish. In his functions of science, she critiziced other scientists that did not choose the idea the a mrs could an obstacle them. Indeed, some philosophers and also scientists criticize Margaret Cavendish due to the fact that they accused her of acquisition credit for her husband’s work. Yet she stated that she husband safeguarded her of the accusations. She wrote a biography of she husband referred to as “The Life that the Triece Noble wilhelm Cavendish” in which she says she gives credit to her husband works.



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