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“I’m not great at anything…”

Does this thought generally creep its means into her head?

Stop it!

It’s no true.

Most people, consisting of myself, have felt like this indigenous time to time.

Life moves around us therefore quickly, the you often sit earlier and just watch people roughly you room achieving and also wondering why friend aren’t having the same success.

But this emotion that creeps in, deserve to actually taint us.

You begin believing the true.

You can also spiral right into depression if friend let it get the far better of you.

So, what can you do if you feeling this way?

First, recognize that everyone has actually strengths (yes, also you)

So many of us emphasis on personality weaknesses. Why? since it’s straightforward to focus on the negative and overlook the positive.

This is specifically the case for those who have actually abilities that aren’t obvious.

Look at me because that example. It take it me years to number out that these 3 things are what I’m good at:

1. Grit and also the capability to store going with a task even if I’m failing. Ns don’t quickly give up.

2. I’m no gullible and also I don’t jump to conclusions easily. Ns realize there are multiple sides to any story.

3. I’m a kind and caring human being who thinks about other people and how they’re feeling.

Now sure, these traits room good, yet they’re no as evident as someone like Tom Brady that noticeably has an excellent hand-eye coordination and is excellent at football.

When people look at Tom Brady, castle think they are less talented. Yet this is no true.

If anyone were favor Tom Brady, then society wouldn’t duty very well. Anyone would have been busy playing football and also exercising!

Society and groups need all varieties of people with different talents and also interests.

So, while her strengths might be less evident to the eye, it doesn’t typical that you don’t have any strengths.

You just need to have a think around what you’re good at.

Here room a few ways to carry out that.

1) have a look at this 16 various personality types. It will help you understand different varieties of traits and tidbits the you have. You might realize that you have some traits that other human being don’t.

2) Ask her friends or family members what castle like about you. You could be surprised through what girlfriend hear.

3) What deserve to do friend do, or do you do, the others simply can’t or they can’t stand doing? Think deeply around your day-to-day interactions and also activities. What’s different about you?

See, the difficulty is, most world correlate what they’re good at come an apparent skill prefer tennis.

But you need to think depths and an ext broadly than that. Human beings are incredibly complicated and us have plenty of different personality traits and also skills.

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What “I’m Not an excellent At Anything” yes, really Means

We’re all great at something. It’s straightforward to sit there in a funk and believe through all your could that you have no talent or an abilities to share v the world. Yet it’s simply not true.

There is at least one thing you do well. The cheat is to realize, though, that this one thing, can not it is in the point you great it was.

For example, a many moms long for something an ext in their resides besides gift “Mom.”

And while the sounds crazy to admit out loud, numerous women struggle with your “Mom” identities anywhere the world, especially when “Mom” changed CEO or COO in your lives.

So you can be reasoning I’m not good at anything, but what friend really median is the something is something in her life is no as you had actually hoped and also you are blanketing your whole life through that single thought.

Next time girlfriend hear her inner voice say, “I’m not an excellent at anything…”, use these 10 tips to push past that voice.

1) take a rest from society media

Social media is a great tool when it pertains to connecting through others and also sharing lives.

But it can also make you feeling inadequate.

The thing is, society media is only illustrating one truth. Yet we convince ourselves the everyone else has actually a much much better life than we do.

That photo of the laugh kid? It most likely took 10 minutes, screaming and a bit of bribery come get!

That take self of your best friend? likely one the 100 shots through a selection of filters applied.

Don’t think everything you see.

It deserve to be tough not to to compare ourselves come others. When you’re emotion down and you begin feeling the you’re not great at anything, it might be time to take it a step away indigenous the socials.

This will not only acquire you far from the ‘perfect’ lives everyone posts around but will also give you yourself time to emphasis on your own life and also finding something girlfriend are good at.

You don’t need to go turn off socials for good. We all know exactly how addictive it deserve to be. Instead, continue to be off them until you are in a far better headspace.

If she finding certain posts space making you feel bad about yourself, climate you require a break.

Once her head is clean again, you’ll be able to jump earlier without spiraling into a an unfavorable headspace.

Let’s confront it, we could all execute with a tiny break from society media every now and also then. Girlfriend can cost-free up that time invested endlessly scrolling come actually achieve something.

You may find something you’re great at after ~ all.

2) discover your purpose


If you feeling favor you’re not great at anything, it’s because you’re doing not have direction and also purpose in her life. You’re unsatisfied.

Instead of sitting earlier and providing in to the feeling, walk on the hunt because that what would satisfy you.

Are you working too much with tiny to no ‘you’ time?

Take increase a hobby!

It’s straightforward to feel like you’re not great at anything when you’re watching others balance working, exercise, painting classes, discovering a language, and also more.

So join in! discover what you will do love come do and have a go.

Are you bored in your career and no longer enjoying it?

Start a degree!

Another reason you could feel you’re not great at something is because you’re bored in your career.

You don’t take into consideration it challenging, which is obtaining you down. Time to change jobs, or even uncover a new career path.

Have her friendship groups adjusted and get an impressive apart?

Make brand-new friends!

As friends relocate on and readjust and you continue to be the same, it’s simple to feel favor they are all turn off achieving while you’re not great at anything.

The truth is, friendships carry out chop and readjust and it has nothing to perform with your skills.

People simply grow apart therefore it’s time to seek out some brand-new friendships.

Are friend longing for a connection or in a relationship you aren’t happy with?

Being in a relationship deserve to have the best of us questioning even if it is we’re good at anything.

Society areas such worth on finding a soulmate that you naturally begin to think negatively of yourself once you can’t.

At the exact same time, being through a companion who constantly brings you under is just as challenging.

After wearing away at you for a while, castle can readjust the way you see yourself – even if it’s not true.

You must work the end what you desire out the a connection — even if it is you also want one — and make some positive changes.

Finding the purpose and what you want out the life will certainly make a vast difference to your mindset.

Seek out brand-new friends, a brand-new career, a brand-new hobby, and get excited about life again!

It will also teach you that you are great at miscellaneous if you placed your mind to it.

3) Don’t believe yourself

Speaking of our minds, the can regularly lead us astray.

They can come to be our own worst opponent when us go through tough times.

Whether you going v a relationship breakdown, simply lost your job, to be duped by your friends, or lost someone you love, an adverse thoughts have the right to creep their way into our head and also lead us into a downward spiral.

Your psychic is a powerful tool and a danger one.

It deserve to leave you emotion that friend aren’t great enough. Aren’t smart enough. No pretty enough. Aren’t enough full stop.

If you’re struggling with these thoughts and can’t it seems ~ to pull yourself the end of this funk, stand up for yourself.

If friend heard girlfriend or household telling themselves they weren’t an excellent at anything, wouldn’t you step in and also tell castle otherwise? girlfriend should also be act the same for yourself.

Of course, this deserve to be hard. You might need a tiny help native those close come you.

Then that time to turn to your loved ones.

Lean ~ above them as soon as times room hard and also talk come them. Even just having actually a shoulder to cry ~ above or vent to have the right to do wonders when it concerns clearing our minds and also dumping all the negativity.

You can even ask them to share what lock think your best qualities are.

They love you for a reason and will be much more than happy to share.

This small boost in self-esteem might be every you have to clear your mind and also fight these an unfavorable thoughts.

Don’t be afraid to asking – it is what friends and family room for. Plus, you can let them recognize you’re there because that them anytime they require it together well.

Friendship and family are a two-way street.

4) expropriate you might never it is in the best

Sometimes, we can feel favor we aren’t an excellent at anything because we are bored in our lives and need a bit of change.

If you’re a perfectionist, it’s simple to feel prefer you’re never an excellent enough.

You deserve to go to an arts class and feel intimidated by every the painters that are better than you.

You can go come an exercise class and also feel the end of location with all those who room fitter than you.

Right now, the time to accept defeat.

You simply may never it is in the ideal at something.

And that’s okay!

That doesn’t mean you can’t reap it.

Go to that arts class and that exercise class and give it your finest shot. Tell yourself that’s enough.

As long as you enjoy it, that cares even if it is or not you’re the best! friend probably had the many fun!

By letting walk of perfectionism and simply diving in and also having a go, you can shake those feeling of not being good at anything.

You are acquiring out there and having a walk – which in ~ the finish of the day, is all that matters.

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5) uncover something you’re good at


Take your negative thinking as a an obstacle and revolve it around.

Instead of sitting earlier and accepting the you’re not great at anything, walk on the hunt for something you are good at.

Everyone is good at something, it can just take a small digging to uncover it.

So, just how do you go on the hunt?

Start by make a list of every the things you reap doing: painting, drawing, writing, photography…

Have you ever before pursued any kind of of these?

Now’s the time! take it them ~ above one by one and attend some classes.

Keep in ~ it and push through, you can be amazing to discover you have actually a covert talent there.

Just remember, people don’t just become great at something overnight. They generally study/practice and also put your mind come it in order come achieve.

They may seem to pick points up naturally yet these civilization are rare.

More frequently than not, it comes from dedication and hard work. For this reason if you execute truly desire to uncover something you’re great at, you must put in the time and effort to obtain there.

You might likewise need to think external the square:

I’m an excellent at listening.I’m great at helping.I’m great at cheering others up.I’m great at laughing.

Often, we acquire so fixated on detect a skill we’re good at that we shed track of precisely what it way to be good at something.

Not everyone deserve to be a mathematics whiz or one English nerd, just like not anyone is compassionate and also understanding of others.

It’s around finding her strengths and going native there.

6) Be ethical with yourself

If you’re emotion this way, over there is usually more to it than simply not being great at something.

It could be worth doing some soul-digging and also working the end why you’re emotion so down.

Is over there something specific you’re do the efforts to attain and feel like you’re failing at?

It could be time come ask yourself why you space so focused on this accomplishment and even if it is it’s precious it considering the way it’s making friend feel.

Could it be time because that you to let go and also find something brand-new to focus on?

Is there a particular person you’re jealousy of and want to present up?

Jealousy is a really normal feeling yet there is no point trying to outdo someone else.

Instead, think about other things you have actually that they don’t — to give yourself the self-esteem boost you need, instead of dragging you yourself down due to the fact that of it.

Do you simply just feel down about all aspects of her life?

It’s worth getting your mental health checked and also perhaps feather at even if it is you should be taking any supplements to boost your health.

You need to work out where these thoughts space stemming from. Is the a straightforward matter the wanting to be good at other or is there an ext going on in her life?

Having a good, ethical conversation through yourself to work-related out what it is friend need.

7) give yourself time

You simply may not have uncovered what you’re great at yet.

There space so countless different things civilization are good at. It stands to factor it deserve to take a while for you to explore them all to find your strengths.

Many civilization are happy simply doing what lock do and also have zero aspirations to find the things they’re ideal at.

For others, that a drive within them come achieve.

If friend really desire to find what you’re good at, then get started!

Make a perform of every the things you enjoy and start make your means through them.

The essential thing is not to sirloin it. You’re never ever going to find what you’re good at if friend don’t also give the a chance.

Sign up because that that cooking class, take it a totter class, execute some ceramic or sculpting. The skies is your limit and you have actually no idea what hidden skills you could find there.

It takes time.

You must convince you yourself you will acquire there, however in the meantime, you’re just out to have a little bit of fun.

Think of all the civilization you’ll meet and friends you will do it make along the way. This will certainly make it every worth that in the end.

How go the speak go,

“It’s not the destination, the the journey.”

Instead the striving because that perfection and also success, emphasis on the development along the way. Every day, she making little accomplishments that you should be proud of.

Instead of berating yourself for messing up and stumbling backward, offer yourself a beat on the back for trying, do progress, and also coming as far as girlfriend have.

8) pick what you want to be an excellent at

You might be feeling like you’re not great at anything since there’s a particular skill you want to grasp that did you do it been having no lucky with.

This is sufficient to obtain anyone down.

You could simply be at the pivotal allude of her journey at which girlfriend don’t understand whether to store going or to give up and shot something new.

You store going, that course!

We all reach this bang in the road once we’re trying to achieve. This is ours drive the ends up pushing us also further.

You may simply need to reconsider her approach.

Go come the library and borrow books on the subject. Watch TV shows on the subject. Jump on YouTube and also learn more.

If you’re yes, really serious, then you have to dedicate a certain number of hours every week come this subject so you have time come improve and also get better.

At the very same time, you likewise need come celebrate the tiny wins follow me the way. This will save you motivated and on track to achieving your goal.

Often, once you’re in the special of it, you don’t even an alert how far you’ve in reality come.

It’s crucial to look ago and watch where you started and also where she today. It might just surprised you!

Give you yourself a good pat on the earlier and save on going.

9) neglect the negativity


We often have these thoughts and turn to friends and family come validate them.

As a result, they agree v you. Reasoning they are supporting you in her realization and helping you with it.

In reality, you were in search of a confidence an increase and they have actually instead reinforced your failures.

Don’t loss into this trap!

Your family and friends nothing think you not great at all. They’re just trying to be supportive and also going around it in the dorn way.

You finish up getting yourself into a bicycle of self-loathing the isn’t also warranted.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s time to take it a look in ~ why you’re questioning friends and family in the first place.

If you approach them through negativity, lock going to agree with you to aid you move on and past this.

10) it is in a jack of every trades

What’s the fun of being really good at one thing, as soon as you can be OK at a huge range of things?

How much much more fun is that?

Jack of all trades – grasp of none.

Some world are simply naturally a Jack of every trades and are great at a variety of various things.

You might feel prefer you’re not good at anything, however trust me, anyone else see you differently.

They watch you taking on so countless different activities and space in awe of how much you balance and do well at them.

Embrace it. Avoid trying to uncover that one covert talent and also just accept you’re much better at dabbling in a little of everything. It is a pretty an excellent skill to have.

Everyone is good at something.

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In conclusion

While these 10 tips room a good way to lift friend up as soon as you’re feeling prefer you aren’t an excellent at anything, the bigger snapshot is that everyone is an excellent at something.


You just can have to perform a small digging to i found it it.

If she struggling, think around things girlfriend enjoy…

Cycling, being with the kids, reading, writing, puzzles…

It’s likely you gain these things since you’re quite good at them.

It might not compare to that human being on Facebook that is a math whiz, but it’s your own distinct thing friend are great at.

You could simply be an excellent at gift happy! that’s a skill countless struggle come master.

Still struggling come think of something you’re good at? friend can develop something.

Start volunteering for people in need and become an excellent at help others.

Being great at other does take it skill, yet if girlfriend think exterior of the box, there room some an abilities anybody have the right to learn if they’re willing.

Imagine exactly how the people would be if anyone was great at being kind and helping?

The trick is, to stop comparing you yourself to others.

People love to brag about their lives yet they leave out all the other details. You never really understand what’s walking on in someone’s life.

That human being who verified off her photography an abilities on Facebook might be going through her very own mental health issues and this is her method of to express herself.

You simply never recognize what’s walk on behind close up door doors.

Next time you discover your mind wandering and also saying, “I’m not great at anything”, respond straight away.

“Yes, i am. I’m good at baking/reading/puzzles and also that’s enough. I’m also good at gift happy.”

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