over there is a certain sci-fi entity who is worshiped together a god. He will certainly eventually develop chaos and devour every humans. The worshipers expect to be consumed first, together they climate don"t need to witness the horror of the fatality of the remainder of humanity. Who is this deity? I assumed it to be Cthulhu, yet upon more research, i think it might be who else. Any ideas?

While I have actually no other information about the mythos, I understand that this divine being is relatively known in popular music culture. Ns heard about him v a friend and also watched a YouTube video clip that gave the abovementioned description.

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It"s difficult to say without having actually seen the YouTube video in question, but cultists worshipping the an excellent Old Ones, of i beg your pardon Cthulhu is the best known, are often explained online together promising that their followers will be devoured very first (or sometimes last). It seems to it is in a "meme" the sorts. Examples:

A made-up Cult of Cthulhu map for a made-up "metaphysical map game":

Easily offended? no at all! Those that we don’t prefer will be kept safe and cozy come witness the complete awfulness that the coming of the Eldritch-Gibbous Elder Gods! then the cultists will certainly be consumed first, and the others left to progressively perish under the pseudo-pod feet that the implacable Tsathoggua, Shub-Niggurath et al.

These space all just world saying things online without any kind of canon repute, but because you"re in reality asking what divine being a YouTube video referred to, I"m lean to i think it was Cthulhu based on the widespread id that his worshippers will be devoured an initial (or last; at the very least his cultists promise the cultists will be provided preferential treatment, depending on when you choose to be consumed).

However, ns can"t find any similar sentiment expressed in any kind of of Lovecraft"s original stories, so I"m not sure this belief is canon amongst the cultists he created about. This forum article does assume the this is true "based turn off HP Lovecraft"s work", though, so I can just be poor at searching.

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I"m certain this meme originated somewhere, though, so possibly someone fine versed in the Mythos have the right to write a far better answer – had actually your concern been "Where did the id that Cthulhu cultists will be devoured very first when the awakens originate?", I"d not have actually answered, but I still think the deity you"re thinking of is Cthulhu.