The very first ruler to consolidate the Slavic people was: RurikIn the year of 862, Rurik took manage of a Slavic region called Ladoga and established the Kievan Rus, i beg your pardon later became the biggest Union in between eastern slavic tribes during that time.Not long after that , he created the rurik dynasty, that regime supreme in ~ the Slavic an ar until the 17th century.

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There was never such a person. The Slavic people split and also worked on their own. They spread eastwards, southwards, and westwards, establishing what is nowadays recognized as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Bosnia, former Yugoslavian Republic that Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Bulgaria.

The Tang empire was one imperial empire of China came before by the Sui Dynasty and also followed through the 5 Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. The ended drastically when the empress Wu Zhao indigenous the second Zhou dynasty usurped the throne.

The Tang dynasty had it´s funding in Chang`an, actually Xi`an, on that time it was the most inhabited city that the world, the period on i m sorry they regime is considered by some historians as a moment of splendor in Chinese civilization.

once the Han empire fell on the year 220 A.C. China lived a duration of social mayhem, politic disorder, economic and cultural isolation in between the south and also the north. Top top the year 589 A.C. The nation was reunified by the Sui Dynasty and also began a time the prosperity untill the arrival of the emperor Yang Di who failed on dominating the northern part of the korean Peninsula. In front of this the duke of flavor Li Yuan and also his son and daughter, Taizong and also Pingyang, rosed in rebelion in 617 and also relegated the emperor into the place of retired emperor and acted together regent the the boy emperor Yang You. But after Yang´s death in the year 618 Li Yuan proclamed himself together the emperor of a brand-new dynasty, the Tang.

therefore he was recognized as emperor Gaozu and ruled untill 626 as soon as he to be forcelly deposed by his kid Taizong who have actually killed 2 of his brother because of fear of assassination, soon after the his father left the throne come him.

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here is a briefly resume that the beforehand begginings that the flavor Dynasty, indigenous that us can an alert that the an initial ruler of the dynasty is not among the choices given in the question, don´t confused Gaozu with Gaozong who was the 3rd emperor of the Dynasty. However making a elimination process of the options given we must dismissed Wu Zhao and also Taizu because they are from differents dynasties so the only option available is Taizong, the 2nd emperor that the Dynasty.