Jake Lambert on DAYS OF OUR LIVES is a bit of a facility character, yet let’s run dvery own what we recognize so far! The character is played by actor Brandon Barash, that formerly played Stefan DiMera on the soap. But while Stefan passed away in October of 2019, Jake made his deyet on April 23, 2020. When Barash announced his go back to Salem, he was naturally coy about specifically what the storyline would entail.

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Gabi Hernandez believed she observed Stefan reflected in the home window of her boutique in Salem Plaza. But as soon as she turned roughly, he was gone. Later, as Gabi laid flowers on Stefan’s grave, Ben Weston checked out a garage to check out about getting a project —and components to resolve Ciara’s bike — and was floored as soon as the mechanic looked precisely choose Stefan! Jake indeveloped Ben he’d already taken the project, although he did admit he was a tiny overfunctioned and also available to put in a word with his boss.

“Did this Stefan guy look as hot in a pair of coveralls?”XJJohnson/jpistudios.com

When Gabi experienced Jake in the square, she fainted dead away, and also he’d currently gone by the moment she came to. At work-related, Jake told Ben he might job-related tright here as his assistant, and also opened up up a small about his ex who he couldn’t get out of his device. Ciara involved examine on Ben and also was equally stunned by the sight of Jake. They filled the mechanic in on Stefan and just how he died. As Ciara thought someone should warn Gabi, Stefan’s widow ran into Jake in the park! He available his sympathy for her loss but Gabi insisted he was Stefan and slapped him, angrily demanding to know why he was lying to her. Later, Jake had actually been reading up on Gabi virtual as soon as she stopped by the garage intent on proving he was really Stefan —by kissing him! On the other hand, Ben was struck by a couple of thugs who mistook him for Jake demanding he hand also somepoint over.

Jake was horrified as soon as Gabi tried to inject him through a drug she sassist would regain his memories and ongoing to urge he wasn’t Stefan. He confided to Ben and Ciara that the mob was after a book that his girlfrifinish, Gwen, had taken from them, and also they tracked her dvery own to attempt and obtain it ago. On the other hand, Gabi was so determined to prove Jake was really Stefan that she secretly ran a DNA test, and he was shocked when the test outcomes came earlier a match!

Jake continued to be puzzled, especially after meeting his intended mom, Vivian Alaprimary, and reluctantly took the memory-restoring serum Gabi acquired from Dr.

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Rolf. But it had actually no result, and the mechanic was stunned to uncover out from Ivan Marais that he wasn’t Stefan earlier from the dead, but his previously-unknown twin brother!