Jerome Kerviel, the ex-Societe Generale trader who has much more debt than anyone rather in the world, has actually turned self in come French authorities to start a three-year jail sentence.

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His return house is something of an end allude to a saga that goes from large unauthorised trades ~ above the night of the gaue won crisis, to a pilgrimage and also papal meeting.

Back in 2008, Kerviel expense SocGen €4.9bn (£3.99bn) with unauthorised trading, in an illustration which became one the the largest ever before trading frauds.

The sharply-dressed Kerviel is, at least on one measure, the world’s poorest man, fan SocGen about $6.3bn (£3.7bn).

But consider that by this metric of network wealth, US medical students are amongst the worst off in the world while studying, however are likely to knife much more that most upon qualifying.

Kerviel has spent the weekend hovering top top the France-Italian border, refusing come cross right into France uneven he heard personal from president Francois Hollande.

The 37-year-old to be eventually persuaded by prosecutors to get in the country, ~ they highlighted to him the his fail to oblige police would make him a fugitive.

He handed self in at Menton police terminal late critical night, flanked through swarm of reporters and also supporters.

The former trader has constantly admitted making the unauthorised trades, however has said that the bank turned a remote eye once they went well, yet turned against him once they didn’t.

SocGen carried out an internal report that discovered managers in ~ the financial institution had fail to follow up on 10s of different alarms end Kerviel’s activities. A number of resignations followed, yet no other charges were pressed.

In March, Kerviel was discovered guilty for a third time of placing €50bn precious of loss-making trades, with the court rejecting his final appeal.

He’s invested the last 3 months top top a self-styled expedition from Vatican city, walking from Rome back to France, having met with Pope Francis in February.

Kerviel referred to as the mammoth go a personal and spiritual journey, wherein he continued crusading versus the “tyranny” of financial markets.

“The fight will proceed regardless the what happens”, he claimed yesterday, as he headed towards the French border, wherein he was ushered into a wait police car.

A statement was issued by Elysee royal residence on Saturday speak a formal request from Kerviel because that a presidential pardon would certainly be considered, but the last spurned the option, saying asking for a pardon is admitting you’re guilty.

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Meanwhile, French finance minister, Michael Sapin, stated last night ~ above LCI television:

“The crook is caught, the crook is convicted, the crook need to of course offer his sentence.”

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