A tiny tot v the world"s biggest head has actually stunned medics after his skull grew to an significant 96cm.

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RARE: Mrityunjay Das was dubbed "giant head" ~ his skull swelled to 96cm (Image: Newslions/Exclusivepix Media)

Seven-month-old Mrityunjay Das to be shunned by neighbors who referred to as him "giant head" due to the fact that of his large alien-like skull.

But luckily medics have been maybe to drain 3.7 litres of fluid from the tot's head, happen the size down come 70cm after ~ one-and-a-half month of treatment.

Dr Dilip Parida, that the AIIMS hospital in India, stated the "Roswell" baby had actually 5.5litres of fluid inside his skull when he to be admitted through hydrocephalus in November.

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Medics used outside ventricular drainage to reduce the amount of liquid, and also say the baby has responded well to treatment.

Dr Parida said: "Since the cranial bones room not fused and also floating, now the real difficulty is to uncover a means to adjust the cranial bones.

"We have used bandages roughly the skull and also planning to carry out cranoplasty at a later on stage, if required.

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"The infant was certain bed-ridden earlier, currently he deserve to take turns.

"We room happy with the advancements and the parental are likewise happy to see the improvements."


AWFUL: The poor tot to be unable to move after his head swelled to 96cm — the world's largest (Image: Newslions/Exclusivepix Media)

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