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Secretary Kerry about What We execute Policy worries nations & areas push

Bureau of publicly AffairsJune 2008

Diplomacy in ActionThe U.S. Room of manages America’s relationship with foreign governments, global organizations, and the world of various other countries. The management of all of these relationship is dubbed diplomacy. room diplomats bring out the President’s international policy and aid build a more free, prosperous, and secure world. The room is a critical part the the U.S. Government since it:

Represents the United says overseas and also conveys U.S. Policies to international governments and international organizations through American embassies and also consulates in foreign countries and also diplomatic missions;Negotiates and concludes agreements and treaties on issues ranging from profession to nuclear weapons;Coordinates and supports international activities of various other U.S. Agencies, hosts main visits, and also performs various other diplomatic missions;Leads interagency coordination and also manages the assignment of sources for foreign relations; andPromotes mutual understanding in between the human being of the joined juniorg8.coms and also the people of other countries approximately the world.

There are much more than 190 countries in the world, and the United says maintains diplomatic connections with some 180 that them, and also with many international organizations. Advancements in travel, trade and an innovation have do the world an ext interconnected today than ever before before, making interactions with various other countries and their citizens an ext important for the united juniorg8.coms.

The department has 4 main international policy goals:

Protect the united juniorg8.coms and Americans;Advance democracy, human being rights, and also other worldwide interests;Promote worldwide understanding the American values and also policies; andSupport U.S. Diplomats, government officials, and all other personnel at home and also abroad who make these purposes a reality.

Protecting America

Diplomacy is one of the ideal ways to safeguard the joined juniorg8.coms and also the American people. We use diplomacy with other nations to successfully deal with many challenges that cross national limits and affect us below in the unified juniorg8.coms, including:

Terrorism;The risk of weapons of mass destruction;HIV/AIDS and also other infectious diseases;Illegal drug trafficking and also crime;Humanitarian demands of migrants and refugees; andEnvironmental degradation.

Americans in ~ home and abroad challenge threats to your physical and economic well-being. The room protects our nation, the people, and our prosperity by helping to:

Prevent terror attacks and also strengthen international partnerships to defeat an international terrorism;Ensure America’s homeland protection by cultivating policies and also practices to store travel, trade, and also important framework safe;Serve ~ above the front line of America’s borders, facilitating the entry of legitimate travellers to the United says while denying vi to those who carry out not qualified or would perform us harm;Promote stability in all regions of the world;Prevent opponents from threaten the United claims or our allies with weapons of fixed destruction;Reduce the impact of worldwide crime and illegal medicine on Americans;Protect and also assist American citizens who travel, conduct business, and also live abroad; andNurture usual interests and values in between the people of the united juniorg8.coms and also the world of other countries.

Following space a couple of of the numerous ways the Department supplies diplomacy to protect America:

Fighting TerrorismInternational terrorism threatens the joined juniorg8.coms, that is allies and interests, and the civilization community. Beating international terrorism needs sound policies, concerted U.S. Government effort, and also international cooperation.

Our job-related reflects the objectives of the nationwide Strategy because that Combating Terrorism:

Defeat terrorists and their organizations;Deny sponsorship, support, and sanctuary come terrorists;Diminish the underlying conditions that terrorists seek to exploit; andDefend U.S. Citizens and also interests in ~ home and abroad.

In the fight versus terrorism, the department provides foreign policy oversight and guidance to all U.S. Federal government international counterterrorism activities. These include:

Designating foreign Terrorist establishments to freeze their assets and also isolate lock internationally;Providing deterrence and rapid response to international terrorist incidents;Delivering an innovative and versatile anti-terrorism and also counterterrorism finance training;Providing skilled counterterrorism help in assistance of embassies and partner nations;Integrating countryside security initiatives with international policy; andLeading modern technology development to successfully combat terrorism.

The Department’s annual Country Reports on terror is a congressionally mandated evaluate of fads in global terrorism and also the nature of the terror threat. The rigid is focused on policy-related assessments, a country-by-country break down of foreign government cooperation, and chapters top top Sponsors of Terrorism, international Terrorist Organizations, WMD terrorism, and Terrorist safe Havens. Also see

Homeland SecuritySecurity because that Americans begins at home however extends past our borders. In search of countryside security, the room conducts visa operations and leads U.S. Diplomatic efforts to get international teamwork on procedures to deter dangers to travel, communications, and also other vital infrastructure networks—information systems, transportation, and energy—and to secure ours borders.

Visas: Welcoming foreign CitizensImmigrants and visitors have added greatly come our country, and we welcome their necessary contributions. Immigrants and many visitors who desire to get in the United juniorg8.coms must apply for a visa indigenous the Department. The Department very closely reviews more than 8 million visa applications every year. The visa regulations assist ensure the no visas space approved for international citizens who can harm our country, thereby keeping us for sure while continuing to welcome citizen from approximately the globe. Additionally see the visa section on

Regional StabilityThe Department supplies diplomacy in all areas of the human being to save local conflicts from becoming more comprehensive wars that may harm U.S. Interests. The department joins through other countries in international organizations to encourage stability and also economic prosperity. Complying with are few of the local issues the room manages:

Middle eastern Promote and support the advancement of democracy in Iraq. Continue to job-related with Israel, Egypt, other middle Eastern countries, and the Palestinians to uncover a way for them come live peacefully together. Additionally see

Western Hemisphere Join v other nations to face terrorism and also illegal medicine trafficking, while promoting institutions that support democracy and also freedom. Additionally see

Africa Support democratization, dominance of law, and economic breakthrough by reduce poverty, fighting disease, and encouraging local leadership for conflict resolution. Likewise see

East Asia and the Pacific Work within institutions such as the Asia-Pacific Economic participation forum to build prosperity and peace in the an ar by creating economic opportunities, structure societies, and preventing hazards to sustainable growth. Likewise see

South and main Asia Support emerging democracy in Afghanistan. Job-related with India and also Pakistan and the international ar to address problems between these countries, including the condition of Kashmir and also nuclear arms. Also see

Europe and Eurasia Work v European and also Eurasian partners, and also with crucial institutions such as NATO, ~ above a variety of global issues to encourage stability and also international cooperation. Also see

Weapons of massive DestructionWeapons of mass destruction—such together nuclear, chemical, or organic weapons—pose a serious peril to the unified juniorg8.coms and the world. We must be concerned around the opportunity that terrorists may get these tools for use versus innocent people. The Department functions to certain that an ext countries execute not attain these weapons and also to verify that global agreements restricting such weapons room being honored. Also see

International Crime, Illegal Drugs and also Criminal justice InstitutionsThe department plays an essential role in formulating and implementing international narcotics and crime regulate strategies. Solid law enforcement institutions, rooted in autonomous principles and protective of human rights, are an essential to avoiding transnational threats, from drugs to arranged criminal task to terrorism. The room helps countries combat international narcotics production and trafficking, reduce worldwide crime and also terrorism, and strengthen worldwide criminal justice institutions through bilateral, regional, and global assistance programs. The Department’s annual report on worldwide narcotics manage (see outlines the strategies dealing with these issues.

The room plays a vital role in occurring civilian police and also supporting justice reform in post-conflict societies. This aid helps nations recovering from post-conflict or authoritarian regimes to reform their police, corrections, and also judicial systems to create the stability crucial for economic prosperity and also strong, democratic institutions. Trafficking in people is a modern-day type of slavery involving victims who room forced, defrauded, or coerced right into labor or sex-related exploitation. Annually, about 800,000 people, mainly women and also children, space trafficked across national borders, i m sorry does not account because that the millions trafficked in ~ their own countries. The Department’s yearly report on trafficking in people (see assesses governments’ initiatives to combat trafficking and is an important diplomatic tool for ending modern day slavery.

Helping AmericansThe Department helps U.S. Citizens travel, command business, and also live overseas safely by:

Providing information, including travel warnings and alerts, and country-specific information for those traveling and living abroad;Issuing passports to U.S. Citizens;Helping U.S. Citizens achieve emergency funds;Checking ~ above the welfare and whereabouts that U.S. Citizen abroad;Helping families with arrangements if a U.S. Citizen dies overseas;Assisting U.S. Travelers who end up being ill or are arrested while overseas;Assisting in worldwide child custody disputes and adoptions; andProtecting and assisting U.S. Citizens living or travel abroad during crises.

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Economic Prosperity and SecurityThe Department support U.S. Businesses in ~ home and also abroad. Officers at U.S. Embassies about the world are professionals on the service practices of international countries and what products and also markets are important in those countries. They identify methods for American this firm and help support lock in exporting or working within the country. The Department:

Also view

Advancing worldwide Interests

Democracy and Human Rights

Promoting freedom and also democracy and protecting human rights around the world are main to U.S. International policy. The values captured in the global Declaration of human Rights and also in other worldwide and regional commitments are constant with the worths upon i beg your pardon the United says was founded centuries ago. The United says supports those persons who lengthy to live in freedom and under democratic governments that defend universally embraced human rights. Tools to breakthrough a flexibility agenda:

Bilateral diplomacy;Multilateral diplomacy;Support because that defenders the freedom;Foreign assistance;Reporting on human being rights practices;Public outreach; andEconomic sanctions. Department initiatives to encourage democracy look for to:

Promote democracy as a way to attain security, stability, and prosperity because that the whole world;Assist newly created democracies in implementing autonomous principles;Assist democracy advocates approximately the civilization to establish vibrant democracies in their very own countries; andIdentify and also denounce regimes that deny their citizens the right to choose their leaders in elections that are free, fair, and transparent. Department initiatives to promote human being rights look for to:

Hold federal governments accountable come their duties under universal person rights norms and international person rights instruments;Promote greater respect for human being rights, based on those internationally embraced standards;Promote the preeminence of law, look for accountability, and change cultures of impunity; andAssist initiatives to reform and also strengthen the institutional volume of the UN board of directors on human Rights.

Also see

Other Transnational IssuesThe Department likewise deals with many problems that are transnational, extending beyond any single country’s borders. Examples include:


HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and also other contagious diseases attitude health difficulties for countries approximately the world. As an illness spreads and more people end up being sick, the political and also economic stability of nations is put at risk. Functioning with various other agencies in ~ the U.S. Government as well as other countries, the department prepares for and responds to world health problems and also monitors the spread of potentially dangerous diseases.

Also watch // and also

Environment, Science, and Technology

The Department disclosure transformational diplomacy with advancing ecological stewardship, encouraging economic growth, and promoting social advance around the globe to foster a safer, more secure, and also hopeful world. It also advances critical and varied United claims interests in the oceans. Science and an innovation cooperation led by the room helps do tangible enhancements in the stays of world everywhere. Climate readjust and power security pose severe interlinked challenges, the scale and scope of i m sorry will call for a an international response as well as national actions. The department is working with global partners on measures to slow, stop, and also reverse greenhouse gas emissions in a method that promotes sustainable financial growth, increases power security, and also helps nations deliver greater prosperity for your people. Also see

Refugees, Migration, and also PopulationThe department helps millions of refugees and victims of dispute or natural disasters roughly the world. Every year, the United claims also permits tens of thousands of refugees come live in America permanently. Population growth influence the environment and also the capability of federal governments to administer services come the growing variety of people who live in less space, use much more fuel, and require much more food. Also see

Promoting common Understanding

Mutual understanding between Americans and also people in various other countries breakthroughs U.S. Nationwide interests by fostering a feeling of typical interests and also common values. To the end, the room engages global audiences on issues of international policy, society, and also values to help create an atmosphere receptive to U.S. National interests. We interact with international opinion-makers and also other publics through a range of public diplomacy programs, using advanced technologies, consisting of websites in English and also six foreign languages, and traditional message publications. Additionally, experts in numerous fields travel to other nations to engage foreign audiences. The Department additionally provides information outreach support to U.S. Embassies and also consulates in much more than 140 nations worldwide. One of the most effective method of enhancing mutual understanding is through people-to-people exchange programs. The Department every year sponsors an ext than 40,000 education and social exchanges—including travellers to the united juniorg8.coms and Americans travel abroad. These exchanges offer firsthand experience of American culture and society to international visitors and provide opportunities because that Americans come learn around other countries, cultures and peoples. Such intercultural experience personify the universal values of human rights, freedom, equality, and opportunity the all civilized countries share. Also see

Supporting Foreign and Civil ServicesU.S. Diplomacy needs a team of extremely motivated civilization to attain the foreign policy goals of the united juniorg8.coms. The foreign Service and Civil company work with each other both in the unified juniorg8.coms and also at U.S. Goals abroad to make U.S. International policy happen. In the wake up of the terrorist assaults of September 11, 2001, ours diplomatic presence and also programs are more important than ever before before. The Foreign service is a group of more than 11,000 employees who represent the United claims in other countries.

A Foreign business career is a method of life that requires uncommon commitment, however through i beg your pardon one can achieve unique rewards. Members that the Foreign service can be sent out to any type of embassy, consulate, or other diplomatic mission everywhere in the world, at any type of time, to offer the diplomatic requirements of the united juniorg8.coms.

The Civil organization is consisted of of end 9,000 employees largely in Washington, DC, who provide expertise, support, and also continuity in accomplishing the mission the the Department. Some Civil business employees room the domestic counterparts come consular police officers abroad, issuing passports and also assisting U.S. Citizens at home and also abroad.

In addition, an ext than 37,000 Foreign company National employees, who space citizens the the nation in i m sorry an embassy or other short article is located, space a really valuable component of the room team overseas. This employees administer continuity by remaining in their jobs, while the Foreign service officers relocate in and also out that the country.

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Both the Foreign and Civil Services sell a selection of career opportunities. For information on careers at the department or at worldwide organizations, you re welcome visit: