Hey everyone, i had actually a bappropriate white line on a FRER this morning, just wondering the general results from this. Have you had actually among these, yk once you pee on it and as the liquid goes up the stick the "test" line juniorg8.comes up a bappropriate white.Were you Pregnant or not?TIA

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Yes and also yes. It was one more day before I got the faintest colour and then another day prior to I could say it was definite bfp.
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Thanks so much for that, save your fingers crossed for me I had the white line this morning, It has actually gone currently, pity i have no tests for tomorrow . Thanks again for your reply Anybody else had actually this??
I supplied FR for the few days b4 I got my BFP I had actually what I assumed was simply an evap line but two days later on I obtained a BFPGood luck fingers crossed
I supplied FR for the few days b4 I got my BFP I had what I believed was simply an evap line yet 2 days later on I gained a BFPGood luck fingers crossed
I had this at 9dpo! I assumed that it should just be reacting via whatever was intended to display up there and also I was looking at it as well lengthy imagining a line . Then at 12dpo I gained my faint BFP! GOODLUCK!
I had actually this at 9dpo! I thought that it have to just be reacting through whatever was meant to present up tbelow and I was looking at it too long imagining a line . Then at 12dpo I obtained my faint BFP! GOODLUCK!
Thats what i was doing. I asked DP to buy me even more but he is "slack" So i wont be able to retest till Tuesday

it had actually no colour i did the same as Saconsumption fest I preserved staring at it waited a couple of even more days really believed AF was juniorg8.comming and also currently I have a really strong line on FR i finished up doing a digital one as my avatar
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