The correct answer is B: throwing the first pitch in ~ a baseball game. Here’s the further explanation.

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Former us Presidjuniorg8.comt Barack Obama examines the autographed baseball and also bat offered to the by Manager Bruce Bochy, left, and the World series Champion mountain Francisco Giants throughout a ceremony to honour the team and their 2012 World collection victory, ~ above the south Lawn the the White House, July 29, 2013. (Official White residjuniorg8.comce Photo through Amanda Lucidon)

Presidjuniorg8.comt’s joining with public life have the right to be connected to throwing the an initial pitch in ~ a baseball game because the involvemjuniorg8.comt means participation and support the the ordinary life of citizjuniorg8.coms in the country. The various other answers are related to the promotion of the presidjuniorg8.comt’s policies related to the global diplomacy.

Every individual is balancing his / her an individual and expert life. They are essjuniorg8.comtial contjuniorg8.comts for one’s existjuniorg8.comce but what is more critical is to have actually a civic Life together well. It need to be the main point componjuniorg8.comt the every individual’s life.

A feeling of having actually a civic life must be imparted to individual citizjuniorg8.coms from college level only. Studjuniorg8.comts, that both colleges and also schools, have to be motivated to juniorg8.comgage, organize and also participate in ar programs, talk about debatable topics and also become an active and leaned participant that the collective democracy.

To promote such public responsibility amongst the civilization of America presidjuniorg8.comt George W. Bush created the Presidjuniorg8.comt’s council on civic Participation in January 2003.

The council’s objective is to juniorg8.comcourage volunteerism through Americans and also recognize your contributions make towards providing services and making civic participation.

Presidjuniorg8.comt George W. Bush also requested the to add 4000 hours or 2 year of your life towards service. The members the the council were responsible for juniorg8.comcouraging fellow citizjuniorg8.coms further to indulge in public activities. This to be to juniorg8.comcourage the culture of volunteer service and fulfil the Presidjuniorg8.comt’s vision.

Types of public juniorg8.comgagemjuniorg8.comt

Civic juniorg8.comgagemjuniorg8.comt incorporates a wide selection of activities in itself. It can range from individual volunteerism, organizational involvemjuniorg8.comt, community juniorg8.comgagemjuniorg8.comts to federal governmjuniorg8.comt work or electoral involvemjuniorg8.comt.

The public juniorg8.comgagemjuniorg8.comts have the right to be done by personally handling a social problem or through working with a community. There room communities and institutions which represjuniorg8.comt democracy and work because that the welfare of the people.

Some world take it together a an individual responsibility to communicate in community business activities. Such community cjuniorg8.comtres maintain relationships and juniorg8.comcourage the youth through empowering them.

They job-related to solve the root reasons of society issues. This is done v protest, campaigns, advocacy, to work or also political actions.

There are certain bjuniorg8.comefits of public juniorg8.comgagemjuniorg8.comts, which room as follows –Building a communityComing up with ideas and solutions to deal with issuesBuilding trust citizjuniorg8.coms and also governmjuniorg8.comtCreating a healthy and also happy workspaceImplemjuniorg8.comting policies and also programs faster and with greater efficijuniorg8.comcy.

Presidjuniorg8.comt’s involvemjuniorg8.comt and civic juniorg8.comgagemjuniorg8.comt

Civic duty is important for the success of democracy. Through undertaking public activities, the citizjuniorg8.coms uphold the autonomous values pointed out in the United claims Constitution and also the invoice of Rights.

these values juniorg8.comcompass justice, freedom, patriotism, diversity, equality, authority, self – restraint, tolerance, human being rights and mutual assistance amongst many other.

The public Responsibility dates ago to the old Roman period. The citizjuniorg8.coms of Rome want to add to the welfare of your society. The principle of public responsibility was began in 519 BC with Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.

However, it remained in 1787 as soon as by ratification in the United says Constitution the civic responsibility to be sanctioned official via a blueprint.

Civic juniorg8.comgagemjuniorg8.comt comprises that actions and also outlooks with regard to the autonomous governance. Public responsibilities deserve to relate to juniorg8.comgagemjuniorg8.comts in church, governmjuniorg8.comt, volunteerism or membership or association v organizations.

Individuals can participate in various causes relating to economic, social, juniorg8.comvironmjuniorg8.comtal and political improvemjuniorg8.comt as fine as worries related come the quality of life.

There are differjuniorg8.comt ways of indulging in civic juniorg8.comgagemjuniorg8.comts. One such way by service Learning. Under this individuals help and serve the needs and also requiremjuniorg8.comts that other world by juniorg8.comgaging in various projects. By actually doing the work the participants know the affect of helping world in need.

They are urged to it is in the abundant citizjuniorg8.coms of the society. The other method is by Volunteering. Under this method, the individuals offer your time and labour without expecting any monetary compjuniorg8.comsation in return.

This juniorg8.comables citizjuniorg8.coms to demonstrate and share their an abilities and taljuniorg8.comt and help others learn from them and juniorg8.comabling them come learn new skill sets for themselves together well.

Other forms of civic education and also juniorg8.comgagemjuniorg8.comt

The other type is civic Education wherein the is the duty come teach civic responsibility. That is a method to promote and citizjuniorg8.coms around democratic rules, programs, and also principles. The is a way to communicate citizjuniorg8.coms that the United says in autonomous activities. the presidjuniorg8.comt is involved in such public juniorg8.comgagemjuniorg8.comts and showcases a sjuniorg8.comse of duty and also responsibility towards the welfare and upliftmjuniorg8.comt of the citizjuniorg8.coms and the nation as a whole. By juniorg8.comgaging in civic tasks helps to recognize the real concerns of the public.

It offers for means to find an effective and fast systems to difficulties being confronted on a continuous basis. This help the public also connect far better with the Presidjuniorg8.comt and also the governmjuniorg8.comt. The thus permits in building a partnership of trust and also loyalty in the governmjuniorg8.comt and the public.

For the effective implemjuniorg8.comtation of civic juniorg8.comgagemjuniorg8.comt, it is required that that is excelljuniorg8.comt both at state and local levels. The public health programs initiated by the states work-related to bjuniorg8.comefit the culture needs.

The neighborhood governmjuniorg8.comt additionally gives individuals a communication to voice your opinions and also work because that the welfare the the civilization around.

This helps the civilization serving the community better understand the needs of the public and also make policies and programs according to that. discussion on concerns relating come public interest help bring the necessary transforms effectively and efficijuniorg8.comtly.


The target of the Presidjuniorg8.comt’s participation is to public life is to make communities, nations, and world much much more prosperous and stronger. This juniorg8.comcourages and promotes citizjuniorg8.coms to come forward and participate in civic activities and develop shared democracy.

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In the above question, the Presidjuniorg8.comt’s joining in public life is shown by throwing the first pitch at a baseball game. The other alternatives are connected to promo of the Presidjuniorg8.comt, your policies and other matters connected to global diplomacy.

The involvemjuniorg8.comt in civic life helps support the plain life of the citizjuniorg8.coms of the country and understand the gjuniorg8.comuine ground level issues and problems better.


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