Independent demand tends to be much more "lumpy" 보다 dependent demand definition that us need big quantities complied with by periods of no demand.

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Which that the adhering to most carefully describes dependency demand? A. Demand generated through suppliersB. Approximates of demand using regression analysis of elevation variablesC. Derived demandD. Demands inserted on carriers by their customersE. Net product requirement
A computer-based information system design to handle ordering and scheduling the dependent-demand inventories is: A. Computer system aided production (CAM)B. Computer combined manufacturing (CIM)C. Financial order amount (EOQ)D. Product requirements plan (MRP)E. Economic run dimension (ERS)
The advancement and applications of MRP depended on two developments: (1) the recognition of the difference in between independent and dependent demand, and (2): A. ComputersB. Advance of the EOQ modelC. Inventory manage systemsD. Blanket purchase ordersE. The internet
Which of this items would be most most likely to have dependent demand? A. Xbox batteriesB. Toy trainsC. FlowersD. Chocolate chip cookiesE. Wrist watches
Which that these products would be most likely to have actually dependent demand? A. RefrigeratorsB. Auto enginesC. TelevisionsD. BrowniesE. Automobiles
Which among the following is no an entry in an MRP system? A. Planned-order schedulesB. Bill of materialsC. Grasp production scheduleD. List recordsE. All space inputs.
The bill of materials indicates just how much material will be necessary to develop the quantities on a offered master manufacturing schedule.
FALSEThe bill of products indicates just how much product will be necessary to create one unit of the items in question.
A bill of materials contains a listing of every the assemblies, parts, and materials required to produce one unit that an end item.
The invoice of materials contains information on lead times and current inventory place on every component required to develop the end item.
The gross needs at one level of one MRP plan determine the gross requirements at the next lower level continuing on under to the shortest levels shown on the invoice of material.
One reason that exact bills of material are vital is that errors at one level become amplified at lower levels because of the multiplication procedure used by MRP.

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In MRP, EOQ models often tend to be less beneficial for products at the lowest levels than for top level assemblies the the bill of materials since higher-level assemblies have actually larger dissension investments.
The MRP input stating which end items space to be produced, when they are needed, and what amounts are needed, is the: A. Grasp scheduleB. Bill-of-materialsC. Inventory-recordsD. Assembly-time chartE. Net-requirements chart




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