Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. B. Johnson ordered waiting strikes ~ the attack. C. Johnson told conference to happen the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution come let him expand the war. D. The destroyer Maddox to be sunk by phibìc Vietnamese gunboats. *gramda has actually killed me*

The is B, Johnson ordered wait strikes after the attack. The Gulf of Tonkin occurrence, otherwise called the USS Maddox episode, attracted the United says all the more straightforwardly into the Vietnam War. It contained two different showdowns including North Vietnam and the United says in the waters of the Gulf the Tonkin.

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True or False. Decades of European early american rule left strong marks top top African spiritual life, government structures, and also langu

This is true, correct.


Modern afri states have actually today huge Christian populations, their constitutions and political systems frequently follow west models, and English, French or Portuguese - the language of the old master - is generally the main language in countless African countries where plenty of dialects are spoken, thus providing a basis because that unity and governance. Together is the heritage of years of European colonial rule end Africa.

How could ivan"s early life have influenced his goals and also the methods he offered to achieve them once he came to be ruler?
Ivan 3 was pushed into leadership at very early age . He to be co - regent with his disabled father together a young boy and also took over once he was just 22 years old i beg your pardon is as soon as his father died . Ivan persistently , gone after the the unifying plan of his predecessors . He went to school and also got a great amount the education throughout his youth . Ultimately he to be brave sufficient to usage his powers and conquer . That tried throughout his life to get civilization to get along with each other and also this raised his strength . Hoping this aided .. Ive studied pure so ns know about Ivan the devastating lol .

Which statement best illustrates a debatable argumentative thesis?A.The human being Trade organization promotes complimentary trade policies am

In any type of given year, the united claims provides approximately ________ in financial assistance to other countries.

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 the correct option is over 33 billion dollarsThe U.S. Disburses over $33.2 billion in economic assistance to 184 countries, $14.2 billion of this money going come military aid to 142 countries. Of this money, the biggest chunk walk to middle east nations such as Saudi Arabia and Israel. In addition, the USA finance several humanitarian related jobs in the world and also especially in the afri continent,where China is offering the USA a operation for financial aid.