Abraham Lincoln belonged to which political party in the time of his four terms in the Illinois state legislature? Select one: A. Whigs B. Free-Soil C. Democrats D. Republican
Americans that lined up behind the free-soil reason in the late 1840s Select one: A. dubbed for the instant abolition of the sinful college of slavery. B. said that Texas have to be went back to Mexico to halt the spreview of slaincredibly. C. demanded that Texas be the final slave state admitted to the Union. D. declared that slaincredibly intimidated Amerideserve to republicanism by undermining family ranches.

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Why did the Republideserve to Party nominate Abraham Lincoln for the presidency in 1860? Select one: A. He appearesulted in both northern and also southern voters. B. He had already beat Stephen A. Douglas in the senatorial election in 1858. C. He was the the majority of competent and also respected Republican politician. D. His egalitarian image would certainly entice votes among farmers and workers.
Americans who migrated to the Oregon Territory in the 1840s settled in which of these regions? Select one: A. Columbia River Valley B. Willamette Valley C. Puget Sound D. The city of Independence
By the 1830s, which of the adhering to was the leading Indian tribe on the central and north Plains? Select one: A. Arapahos B. Kiowas C. Lakota D. Apaches
Why did radical abolitionist William Lloyd Garrichild criticize the free-soil movement bitterly in the late 1840s? Select one: A. He wanted to reason a showdvery own via the South that would damage slaexceptionally by force. B. The Free-Soil Party would not publicly declare support for women’s civil liberties. C. He distrusted the Free-Soil Party’s presidential nominee, Martin Van Buren. D. He discovered its emphasis on freehost farming racist and also insufficiently radical.
Why did Democratic presidential candidate Lewis Cass propose the idea of squatter sovereignty in 1848? Select one: A. He was seeking a solution to the conflicts in between whites and Native Americans in the West. B. Cass hoped the plan would certainly maintain the unity of the contentious Democratic Party. C. Cass believed it would certainly lug free-soilers earlier into mainstream political parties. D. He was fostering a policy that would grant cost-free federal land to homesteaders in the west.
Despite stiff Mexihave the right to resistance, Amerideserve to forces also secured control of which future state in 1847? Select one: A. Idaho B. South Dakota C. Oregon D. California
Who of the adhering to people is correctly matched to his place on the extension of slaexceptionally in the time of the debate over the admission of California right into the Union in 1850? Select one: A. Stephen Douglas—restrict Southern slaincredibly within its original limits B. John C. Calhoun—sustained an expansion of the Missouri Compromise line to the Pacific Ocean C. James Buchanan and various other north Democrats—said that Congress had no authority to regulate slaincredibly in the territories D. Lewis Cass—supported well-known sovereignty to resolve the slaincredibly issue
During the 1850s, proslavery Amerihave the right to expansionists attempted to get which of the adhering to regions? Select one: A. Panama B. The Bahamas C. Cuba D. Haiti
Which of the complying with statements explains the Slidell mission to Mexico in December 1845? Select one: A. The mission prompted Mexico to offer to sell New Mexico and also The golden state for $30 million. B. It failed bereason Mexico had suspfinished diplomatic connections with the United States and refused to also view Slidell. C. The mission failed bereason Slidell was assassinated in Veracruz prior to he might reach the Mexican funding. D. It was a success, bring about Mexico’s acknowledgment of the U.S. addition of Texas.
B. It failed bereason Mexico had actually suspfinished diplomatic relationships via the USA and refoffered to even see Slidell.
From 1818 until the at an early stage 1840s, the Oregon Territory was administered under which of the adhering to arrangements? Select one: A. It was a no man’s land not formally asserted by any kind of federal government. B. Russia controlled the region as part of its Alaska case. C. The Oregon Territory was a British protectorate. D. Great Britain and the United States regulated it jointly.
From 1854 to 1856, which of the complying with was the standard principle all Republicans agreed on? Select one: A. An absolute opposition to the growth of slavery right into any kind of brand-new regions B. The expansion of voting legal rights to all adult male citizens, regardmuch less of race C. The eventual abolition of slavery throughout the USA D. The exemption of Roman Catholic immigrants from entering the United States
Which of the complying with was the critical issue encountering political parties in the late 1840s? Select one: A. Acquisition of Oregon B. Fate of Native Americans in the West C. Annexation of Texas D. Expansion of slavery
Which of the following statements defines the historic significance of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s 1852 novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin? Select one: A. It sparked an extraordinary discussion about race and slaincredibly in the USA and also abroad. B. The novel was made right into an emotionally charged phase play that was banned throughout the North and South. C. It depicted servants as good-natured but unintelligent and unable to treatment for themselves. D. The book did not market well until after the Civil War had started, yet it inevitably made Stowe a wealthy womale.
How did James Gadsden identify himself in the time of Franklin Pierce’s presidency? Select one: A. He tried to buy a lot of northwestern Mexico and also Baja California from the Mexihave the right to federal government. B. He made arrangements to buy Cuba from Spain, but the deal dropped through after it leaked to the anti-expansionist press. C. Gadsden negotiated the purchase the Hawaiian Islands from their aboriginal queen Liliuokalani. D. He bought a tiny amount of land from Mexico to facilitate a southern transcontinental railroad.
Which of the adhering to statements defines the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850? Select one: A. It was conveniently ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. B. The act prevented southern slave catchers from entering free says. C. It denied alleged runamethods a jury trial or the best to testify in their very own defense. D. Washington, D.C., was not topic to its enforcement.
How did Oregon fever influence national national politics in the USA in 1844? Select one: A. The concept of growth right into Oregon separation both the Whig and the Democratic parties. B. Talk of expansion brought about talk of the spcheck out of slaexceptionally, which Congress prevented via a gag preeminence. C. The opportunity of development into Texas ended up being a major problem in the presidential election. D. Enthusiasm for negotiation in Oregon nearly led to battle with England also.
How did pro-annexation Democrats engineer the annexation of Texas in 1845? Select one: A. They arranged for the meacertain to come to a vote in the Senate as soon as numerous anti-annexation senators were missing. B. The Democrats promised Whig congressguys that they would fund inner enhancements in exadjust for Whig votes. C. The party apconfirmed it with a joint resolution, which required only a bulk vote in both houses of Congress. D. They bribed numerous significant numbers in the Mexican government to assistance addition.
C. The party apconfirmed it via a joint resolution, which forced just a bulk vote in both residences of Congress.
Which of the following statements explains the American intrusion of Mexico in 1846? Select one: A. Amerihave the right to pressures conveniently overcame many of central and north Mexico. B. Mexideserve to troops routed the Americans at the Battle of Monterrey and forced their retreat. C. The Americans recorded Matamoros, Monterrey, Tampico, and also the majority of of northeastern Mexico. D. Mexico held the line against Amerihave the right to land pressures, however U.S. naval forces had quick success.
How did the Franklin Pierce administration technique the settlement and also organization of the Kansas Territory in 1854 and also 1855? Select one: A. It invalidated an election in which proslaincredibly Missourians had actually crossed right into Kansas to vote. B. It favored the settlers sponsored by the New England also Emigive Aid Society. C. Pierce officially favored the legitimacy of the proslavery legislature in Lecompton. D. The management made a decision to disregard the concern and also played no function.
In 1845, Texans asserted that their boundary extfinished Select one: A. as far north as Oregon. B. to the Rio Grande on the southern and also west. C. as far west as the Pacific Ocean. D. to the Nueces River on the southern and also west.
Which of the following statements describes the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? Select one: A. It delivered California and also New Mexico to the United States and compelled $50 million in Mexican reparations. B. The treaty purchased more than one-3rd of Mexico’s region for a mere $15 million. C. The treaty was passed by the House yet rejected in the UNITED STATE Senate. D. It prohibited slaextremely in all regions yielded by Mexico, consisting of Texas.
In 1854, why did Senator Stephen A. Douglas present a bill to extinguish Native Amerihave the right to civil liberties in the Great Plains and also organize the north segment of the Louisiana Purchase into a big region called Nebraska? Select one: A. He wanted to build a transcontinental railroad from Chicago to Northern The golden state. B. He wanted to negate the Missouri Compromise and open up the location to slaveholders. C. He wanted to win assistance for his presidential candidacy among north Democrats. D. He wanted to disprove the allegation that the Great Plains location was a desert and for this reason unsuitable for settlement.
Which of the adhering to statements describes President Buchanan’s taking care of of the Kansas issue? Select one: A. He tried however faibrought about have Kansas admitted as a slave state and fractured the Democratic Party. B. He sustained the actions of the New England also Emiprovide Aid Society and also John Brown. C. Buchanan sustained the initiatives of Senator Douglregarding deal with the controversy reasonably. D. Unfavor Pierce, Buchanan denounced the Lecompton constitution as being fraudulent.
Which of the adhering to statements characterizes Amerihave the right to negotiation in The golden state prior to the mid-1840s? Select one: A. Most Americans that went to California cleared up close to the San Francisco Bay. B. Americans that settled in The golden state regularly embraced mestizo culture. C. American settlement in The golden state was sensibly sporadic in this period. D. Most Americans who visited California in the 1840s were prospecting for gold.
In 1858, in his so-referred to as Freeport Doctrine, Stephen Douglas Select one: A. asserted that inhabitants might exclude slaincredibly from a territory by not adopting local regulation to protect it. B. emphasized emigration of freed servants as the just valuable solution to the difficulty of slavery. C. declared, “This federal government was made by our fathers, by white males for the advantage of white males.” D. stole Lincoln’s thunder by advocating a arrangement for steady emancipation via compensation for former slaveholders.
A. asserted that inhabitants might exclude slaextremely from a territory by not adopting local regulation to safeguard it.
What taken place in Christiana, Pennsylvania, in 1851? Select one: A. About twenty Afrihave the right to Americans combated a gun battle with slave catchers, killing two; a jury ultimately acquitted one defendant, and the government dropped charges versus the rest. B. Frederick Douglass claimed that “the only means to make a Fugitive Slave Law a dead letter is to make a half dozen or even more dead kidnappers.” C. Abolitionist Theodore Parker defied the Fugitive Slave Act by helping two slaves escape to flexibility. D. Rioters marched right into a courthome, required their method into the courtroom, and freed a fugitive servant dealing with trial.
A. About twenty Afrideserve to Americans combated a gun fight via slave catchers, killing two; a jury ultimately acquitted one defendant, and also the government dropped charges against the rest.
In an 1858 senate campaign speech, Abraham Lincoln Select one: A. predicted that the complimentary says would certainly defeat the slave states if a civil war damaged out. B. assured the public that the Union might remain divided as cost-free and also slave states via little bit to no consequence. C. warned that the country can not endure as “a home separated versus itself,” that is, half servant and fifty percent cost-free. D. defended the Dred Scott decision as the only handy solution to the difficulties created by slaexceptionally.
C. warned that the country could not endure as “a home divided against itself,” that is, fifty percent servant and half free.
Which activity did President Polk take in 1845 as component of his California strategy? Select one: A. He arranged a mystery treaty with Britain to divide California in rerevolve for British naval assistance against Mexico. B. President Polk sent troops under Zachary Taylor right into Northern The golden state as armed “explorers.” C. Polk sent out orders to the UNITED STATE Navy in the Pacific to seize San Francisco Bay and other The golden state ports in the event of war via Mexico. D. He informed the UNITED STATE consul in Monterey that the United States would certainly not welcome California’s declaration of freedom.
C. Polk sent orders to the U.S. Navy in the Pacific to seize San Francisco Bay and various other California ports in the event of war through Mexico.
James K. Polk’s declaration that Amerihave the right to blood had actually been melted “upon American soil” was his contact for Select one: A. an end to the fighting in Kansas. B. war for Oregon. C. revolution in The golden state. D. battle with Mexico.
Which of the adhering to scenarios emerged during the 1856 presidential election? Select one: A. Millard Fillmore, running on the Amerihave the right to (or Know-Nothing) Party ticket, divided the antislaexceptionally and nativist vote in all parts of the nation. B. The Republicans arised as a formidable replacement for the Whigs and also came cshed to winning the election. C. Democrats forged a solid coalition with former southern Whigs based upon well-known sovereignty. D. The Republicans drew strong support from the West and also the Midwest however little assistance from the Northeast or the South.
B. The Republicans emerged as a formidable replacement for the Whigs and also came cshed to winning the election.
Which of the complying with plans was enforced as part of the Compromise of 1850? Select one: A. Popular sovereignty in Kansas and Nebraska B. Passage of a new Fugitive Slave Act C. Admittance of California as a servant state D. Abolition of slaexceptionally in Washington, D.C.
Which of the adhering to people expressed public assistance for John Brown’s attempt to ignite a slave rebellion in Virginia in 1859? Select one: A. Abraham Lincoln B. John C. Breckinridge C. Henry David Thoreau D. William H. Seward
Popular sovereignty addressed which of the complying with issues temporarily? Select one: A. Whether claims had actually to abide by federal laws that conflicted through state regulations B. Whether Congress had the authority to legislate slaexceptionally in the territories C. The conflict over state versus federal manage over voter qualifications D. Whether says had the appropriate to secede from the Union
The 1845 annexation of Texas provoked Select one: A. President Van Buren’s resignation. B. the Mexideserve to War. C. Polk’s electoral victory. D. rebellion in the previous Lone Star Republic.
Which of the adhering to made the Oregon Territory so appealing to Americans in the mid-1800s? Select one: A. The absence of Native Americans in the area B. Its proximity to The golden state C. Its mild climate and affluent soil D. The transcontinental railroad terminus there
The 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act brought about which of the complying with outcomes? Select one: A. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 was repealed. B. President Pierce signed the Ostfinish Manifesto. C. The Kansas and Nebraska regions were admitted as totally free states. D. Stephen Douglas’s political career finished.
The 1857 Dred Scott decision had which of the following consequences? Select one: A. The decision’s nullification of the Northwest Ordinance encouraged Stephen A. Douglas to disavow the famous sovereignty doctrine. B. It deprived the Republicans of their political platform by prohibiting slaincredibly in any type of brand-new regions. C. The decision convinced many Republicans that the Supreme Court and also President Buchanan were part of the “slave power” conspiracy. D. Chief Justice Roger Taney’s influential majority opinion efficiently smoothed over sectional tensions for two years.
C. The decision encouraged many Republicans that the Supreme Court and President Buchanan were part of the “slave power” conspiracy.
Which of the adhering to events took location in Kansas in the time of the summer of 1856? Select one: A. A proslaexceptionally mob captured John Brown and other abolitionists and hanged them at Lawrence. B. Abolitionist vigilantes assaulted the proslavery tvery own of Lawrence. C. John Brvery own and his followers murdered and mutilated 5 proslaincredibly inhabitants at Pottawatomie. D. John Brown led abolitionists in an assault on a federal arsenal at Topeka.
Which of the following breakthroughs arisen in the time of the 1852 presidential campaign? Select one: A. The Amerideserve to Party nominated former president and also ardent expansionist John Tyler for the presidency. B. Whigs renominated Millard Fillmore because of his vigorous enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act and also assistance of popular sovereignty. C. Democrats nominated Franklin Pierce as a deteriorate candidate bereason he was a congenial guy through southerly sympathies. D. Northern and southern Whigs reresolved their differences over the Compromise of 1850 and sustained their nominee, Winfield Scott.
C. Democrats nominated Franklin Pierce as a weaken candiday because he was a congenial man with southerly sympathies.
Which of the following statements defines the Amerihave the right to Party, or Know-Nothings, that emerged in the North in the 1850s? Select one: A. Its nickname described opponents’ jibes that it “kbrand-new nothing” around fixing the political dilemmas of the 1850s. B. Only southern voters who were equally fearful of both immigrants and also the “servant power” joined the party in big numbers. C. Despite getting a lot attention, the Know-Nopoints fairesulted in win control of any type of state federal government or any seats in Congress. D. The American Party originated in anti-immiapprove and anti-Catholic societies of the 1840s.
The creation of the Republihave the right to Party, the Pottawatomie massacre, and also the negation of the Missouri Compromise were all aftermath of the Select one: A. Dred Scott decision. B. Kansas-Nebraska Act. C. Ostfinish Manifesto. D. decisions of Roger Taney.
Which male that sought the presidency in 1844 is matched through the correct description? Select one: A. Henry Clay—previous Democratic president that unefficiently tried to win his party’s nomicountry B. James Polk—expansionist, dark-equine candidate of the Democratic Party who won the election C. John Tyler—Whig candiday that inevitably supported the annexation of Texas and narrowly lost the election D. James Birney—proslaextremely Whig president who unefficiently tried to win the Democratic Party’s nomination
The popular 1844 phrase “Fifty-4 forty or fight!” served as Select one: A. the charge of world involved in the gold rush. B. a push for Amerideserve to control of the entire Oregon region. C. a political slogan for Martin Van Buren. D. the battle cry for the Mexican War.
The northern states responded to the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act by sponsoring Select one: A. a clamor for well-known sovereignty. B. a proposal to extfinish the Missouri Compromise line to the Pacific. C. an economic boycott of the South. D. personal-liberty legislations.
What was the outcome of the midterm election in 1858? Select one: A. Republicans won control of the UNITED STATE Housage of Representatives. B. Lincoln was elected to the Senate by the Illinois state legislature. C. Douglas’s Freeport Doctrine won favor from both proslaexceptionally and also antislavery supporters. D. Republican candidates won control of both the U.S. Housage and also the U.S. Senate.
What attribute of the Lakota Sioux society protected it from the epidemics that decimated various other Native Amerihave the right to groups in the nineteenth century? Select one: A. A protein-rich diet of buffalo meat B. A knowledge of herbal medications C. Ritual bathing practices D. Its little groups and also nomadic lifestyle
What did nineteenth-century Amerideserve to expansionists mean by the term Manifest Destiny? Select one: A. Americans were culturally equal to the indigenous and Hispanic populaces to the west. B. The citizens of the United States had a God-given right to overcome the land also to the Pacific Ocean. C. The western limits of the United States should sheight at the Rocky Mountains. D. Protestantism and also the American form of government have to be establimelted in Mexico.

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B. The citizens of the United States had a God-given right to dominate the land to the Pacific Ocean.
What did the Wilmot Proviso, introduced in Congress in 1846, propose to do? Select one: A. Permit slavery in any brand-new state or area wright here the voters wished to permit it B. Prohilittle bit slavery in any new territory acquired by the USA C. Prohilittle bit slaincredibly in any kind of region the USA obtained from Mexico D. Protect existing slaincredibly in the South and legislate its finish by 1900

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