What is diversification?

Diversification is a business breakthrough strategy in i beg your pardon a company develops brand-new products and also services, or enters brand-new markets, past its present ones.

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Diversification strategy deserve to kick-start a struggling business, or it have the right to further expand the success of already highly profitable companies.

Why is diversification important in business?

There are four crucial reasons why businesses embrace a diversification strategy:

The company wants more revenueThe agency wants less economic riskThe that company core service is in declineThe agency wants to make use of potential synergies

To learn much more about exactly how diversification works as part of a business advancement strategy, inspect out our detailed juniorg8.com on the subject.

For now, though, we’re going come look at some the best examples of business diversification strategy in action.


One of the most famous companies in the world, apologize Inc. Is perhaps the greatest example of a “related diversification” model.

Related diversification way there are noteworthy commonalities between the currently products and services, and the brand-new ones gift developed.

Once ~ above a time (1984), Apple launched the Macintosh personal computer. They had actually released assets prior to this, such together the Apple i motherboard, however the Macintosh and also related an individual computing products defined Apple’s early on success.

A period of decline hit the firm during the mid-1990s, with Microsoft transporting a cheaper and simpler (albeit less powerful) pc alternative. Towards the end of the 1990s, Apple was approaching bankruptcy.

Then it all changed.


In 2001, Apple released the iPod and also subsequent iTunes software application (2003). Later, Apple would certainly truly fight the diversification jackpot v the beginning of the revolutionary iphone in 2007.

With contemporary smartphones and also digital music players sharing attributes with computers, it’s easy to forget that, prior to the 2000s, computers and also mobile phones bore next to no similarities from a customer perspective.

But operational synergies in manufacturing allowed Apple to share resources and capabilities in between the two product groups, as the smartphones Apple emerged used plenty of of the exact same resources and design principles as your computers.

Apple didn’t prevent there, though. The company has due to the fact that diversified right into tablets, watches, smart-audio, and even electrical vehicles.

Apple’s diversification strategy in ~ the rotate of the millennium not just saved the coporation, group from impending failure yet helped them flourish into one of the best corporations ~ above Earth.


Like Apple, Amazon is one of the world’s largest and also most renowned companies, generating a mouth-watering $386 billion in 2020.

Amazon’s initial operation was that of an online bookseller, and it was a very successful one ~ its start in 1995. Books were basic to resource and distribute, but company founder Jeff Bezos constantly planned to diversify.


The website began selling videogames and other multimedia in 1998 and, before long, the company sold consumer electronics, software, homeware, toys and also more.

The permanent goal of Amazon was always to diversify native an ecommerce website to a completely loaded technology company. Midway through the Noughties, Amazon launched AWS (Amazon internet Services), which delivers on-demand cloud computing platforms and also APIs; unexpectedly they were a long way away from simply selling books.

From web services and ecommerce to consumer electronics, Amazon diversified further as they introduced the Kindle e-reader and also later the Amazon Echo clever speaker system – in a remarkably comparable trajectory to what to apologize had followed previously, they likewise entered the digital music industry with Amazon Music.

Skip ahead to the present day, and Amazon has its own airline (Amazon Air), cloud storage platform, movie studio, and much more.

The diversification of Amazon is as superior as the is concerning for competitors and is possibly the highest possible profile example of strategic relatedness in business diversification.

When Diversification walk wrong

Diversification is no a sure-fire means to certain success. In fact, diversification together a business advance strategy provides a considerably greater risk 보다 product and market development, or raised market penetration.

This method it sometimes goes wrong.

Harley Davidson’s “Legendary Eau de Toilette”

That’s right, Harley Davidson, renowned for its above motorcycles, diversified right into the fragrance industry in the 1990s. A notable instance of over-extending a brand, this perfume angry the Harley Davidson fanbase and prompted more careful diversification strategy indigenous the agency from then on.

The lesson: Be mindful of brand clashes when diversifying.

Virgin Cola

The Virgin Group, which began selling records, is a great example of permanent diversification strategy in action, through Virgin Media, Virgin Holidays and also Virgin Money enjoying significant success.

But even the finest occasionally gets it wrong, which is specifically what taken place when Virgin determined to take on Coca Cola and Pepsi v Virgin Cola. Virgin Cola only managed a sector share the 3% in the UK.

Because that the dimension of the Virgin Group, they were able to survive and also move on native this failure. Smaller sized corporations might not have actually done.

The lesson: as soon as diversifying, it is in realistic about your product’s appeal against that of your competition.

Google Glass

Like Amazon and Apple, Google is a behemoth that a corporation, with near unlimited budget, resources, and know-how. Regardless of this, lock can also get diversification fairly wrong – i beg your pardon is exactly what happened with their 2013 foray right into wearable hardware, Google Glass.

Heralded as a wearable, user friendly, non-intrusive alternative to a smart-phone, Google Glass was discontinued after just 2 year after complaints around poor battery, privacy concerns, numerous bugs and even a ban from usage in windy spaces.

The lesson: Make certain your product is fit for purpose and also has legitimate appeal.

How to acquire Diversification strategy right

Diversification is a high-risk business development strategy. When entering brand-new markets with new products, preparation and planning is essential.

The “Three test of Diversification value” is a great place come start, and we strongly recommend asking yourself the following questions once thinking about diversification strategy.

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Is it far better to be specialty in your core business, or diversified?Would diversification develop or diminish value?Is there an optimal degree of diversification?What species of diversification are most most likely to develop value?

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