thing 1 - Displaying Data on the internet byJohn Kauffman, Fabio Claudio Ferracchiatiet al.? Wrox press ?2002
few of the benefits of having a data-driven device are immediately apparent, but there are others that are much less tangible and also not so easily evident. Normally enough, there are also reasons why you might not desire to connect a net site come a database. In this section, we"ll research the benefits and the limit of producing a web site that"s based about a data source.

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There room many an additional benefits of do a net site data-driven, such as the capability to reuse parts of functionality in various other projects, and also being able come share typical pieces the information throughout systems - these have tendency to absent in when you start to job-related on your 2nd or your third web application. Here, we"re going to look at some of the benefits that deserve to start to accrue as soon as you make the decision to develop a data-driven site:

Quality and also timeliness that content. The most immediate advantages to do a site data-driven space the speed with which brand-new information deserve to be gift on the Web, and also the controls that deserve to be placed in place to insurance the top quality of this information. Rather than having actually to get a web designer to create a page containing the information, and also then gain it uploaded again every time a price transforms or a brand-new product is added, a tool have the right to be produced that enables the prompt publishing of new or updated info simply by editing and enhancing the database. This is among the key benefits that the net over classic media - the capability to view info in actual time, rather seeing than a snapshot of old data. Through enforcing rules on that can include and amend data, exactly how it is checked, and whether it is approved, data can be verified before being released in a much much more rigorous manner, ensuring that the user only sees accurate details.

Functionality. The other main benefit of storing all of the data forced for a website in a database is that of enhanced functionality in terms of the actions the the user deserve to perform ~ above the system. Fairly than creating "catalogues", i m sorry (like this book) just have an index and also a materials table as a method of searching, forms can be created that enable the user come specify what is being looked for, and also have the system scour the database for that information. A an excellent example that this is a search engine. There is no a database, together a site would present only a hand-operated categorization the other net sites, v a substantial structure of pages that you can (try to) navigate between.

Maintenance. V the data because that a website stored in a separate ar from the presentation code, over there is no longer a need to keep static links in HTML files in between related part of a site, forcing you to reapply formatting and menu structures to numerous pages each time the site is redesigned. In a data-driven system, internet pages are frequently templates the act for entire classes the pages, rather than having one page for each piece of information.

As an example of this, you could imagine the on-screen figure of a page that display screens the details of a product because that sale. Rather than this being a different HTML page, in a data-driven device there would be one web page containing fields and also tables that could be populated with data regarding any product. This means that there is far less to carry out each time a redesign is implemented. Similarly, together the relationship in between different pieces of information have the right to be stored in the database (rather 보다 hard-coded in the pages), links to associated products and also other information have the right to be created on the fly.


although there room many advantages to making a internet site data-driven, few of them come in ~ a price, and a data-driven website is not constantly the appropriate solution to her problem. Over there are numerous hurdles that need to be get over in bespeak to carry out a richer suffer to the finish user, and it"s essential that you think about them prior to taking the plunge:

Development. A big number of net sites that are now data-driven started out being static, and there space still plenty of static website being produced to this day. The nature that the content you desire to . Present is not always suited to a data-driven site, and also the production of a data-driven mechanism requires extra time and skills, resulting in a product that is much more complex, and also (inevitably) much more prone to errors. These prices have come be weighed up against the advantages that together a mechanism provides.

Performance. The performance of data-driven web sites is an issue that crops up regularly. If a website is totally static, climate there are no constraints on the method the mechanism is organized, or on how it can expand to cater for higher volumes of users. The simplest means to increase performance is to buy a much faster processor and much more memory. Once that stops being viable, many versions of the site deserve to be created, and users redirected to whichever one is under the very least load. This can continue in a straight fashion, through the same increase in power each time a brand-new web server is added.

With a data-driven site, this is no the case, because the entire system is dependent ~ above one resource: the database. If it"s not carefully designed, the database can create a bottleneck in the system, whereby the rest of the application is hosted up while the waits for info to be retrieved. Remove this bottleneck is a difficult problem to solve - having actually multiple synchronized databases is one of the couple of real solutions, yet it deserve to prove very expensive, and the overheads affiliated in this synchronization are significant.

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Cost. In addition to the technical considerations discussed above, over there are likewise associated advertising issues. For a reasonably static site, the time compelled to create a database and also write the password to accessibility it may be much longer than it would certainly take simply to edit some HTML pages. Also, enterprise-class database systems room themselves expensive. Considering Microsoft"s data storage remedies alone, it"s famed that developing a solution using SQL Server (Microsoft"s enterprise-level database server) provides numerous benefits over access (its desktop database), such as higher performance and much better support for industry standards, yet comes through a price tag come match.