“I discover so lot when I carry out my homework.”“Doing homework makes me recognize my principles better.”“I finish my homework due to the fact that the teacher provides us marks because that each assignment.”“I gain doing mine homework since it is so lot fun.”
Motivation describes the procedure that travel guide an individual to accomplish a goal. Over there are two main species of an ideas which incorporate extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.

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Let's recognize in Brief:




Arises/driven from

External sources

Internal sources


Parents, teachers, and also others



Reinforcements – punishments or reward

Values and enjoys in law an activity


1. “I complete my homework since the teacher provides us marks because that each assignment.”

2. Walking to school on time to prevent punishment for late coming.

3. Playing a game to get prizes.

4. Finding out an arts to please parents’ desire.

1. Enjoy it doing the homework.

2. Finding out through homework.

3. Doing homework to understand the ideas better.


Hence, it might be concluded the the sentence “I complete my homework because the teacher provides us marks for each assignment" is an instance of extrinsic motivation.

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