If you room wondering, daydreaming, and thinking: exactly how will others procedure my information? at the beginning of a brand-new product or marketing campaign, you should feel favor your user.

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When you open up up a computer system application or web pages such together Twitter or this one, you space instantly greeted v a variety of images, colors, and also symbols the look choose images yet could be….anything. The Twitter bird or hashtag emojis are instances of one kind of intuitive encoding, when the shade in a block header on a website such together this one is another example.

Knowing why us feel a certain means when us see details things is fifty percent the battle when launching a new campaign.

We are right here today to answer the question: “how do we procedure information?” Let’s start seeing with the eyes of your customers today.


Let’s take it this to an example in the organization world – the Mastercard logo. Once you see that small blend the orange and red interlocking circles, you recognize what the is.

You watch the grouping of interlocking circles and also think. “Mastercard.” friend don’t process an orange circle here, a red circle here, the message there, and also then think about pulling that together.

You view the sum, not the parts.

That is the Gestaltian perception since that is all you know.

This sort of intuitive encoding we have as a commercial society presents a difficulty to a business like Mastercard that desires to readjust their logo. And this happened.

News damaged that Mastercard want to change the logo but wasn’t sure how world would react. In the end, they chose to save the orange and red circles, yet took out words “Mastercard.”

So the logo design stayed the same, however for the message component of “Mastercard” in between the orange and red circles.

That’s due to the fact that of Gestaltian perception principles of just how we undergo intuitive encoding in our brains. If they had marketed words alone “Mastercard” it would certainly not be together recognizable come you like the basic orange and also red interlocking one are.

That sort of brand recognition is based upon understanding visual encoding. For this reason the next human that asks you, just how do we procedure information, the price is: It’s Gestaltian.

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The three most vital Gestalt values in visual encoding room continuity, proximity, and enclosed.

Let’s have actually a look in ~ those. Let’s use a random example of a brand-new York deli respond to to illustrate how consumers make decisions based upon information processed with visual encoding.

Proximity is something the our brains register as soon as we’re looking at something. Let’s speak you’re brief on counter an are and want to figure out exactly how to organize your sandwiches, salads, and donuts.

Do therefore in a way where bird of a feather pole together. In Gestalt principles, our mind tells united state that when we see points close together we think they space related.

Give your diners a small nudge come buy some salad v their sandwich by placing sandwiches and also salads together in the home window or counter. They may never have actually thought of getting a salad today if girlfriend hadn’t positioned them as such, and also suddenly establish they room hungrier 보다 they thought.

In the instance above, of the art of the older, versus younger women, enclosure is the Gestalt perception principle we usage to watch what us see.

The enclosure is a form of visual encoding whereby our eyes look in ~ something and we desire to view one thing and also one thing alone. You might go come a new York Deli someday with nothing however a cheeseburger on her mind, and also you won’t watch anything else in the save until you find that menu item.

So use enclosure in her presentations to upsell your customers in your deli as well. A fancy Thanksgiving display is one eye-catching thing that will attract attention together the “one big thing.”

But then, your customers will begin to watch the components that consist of that sum and perhaps make some additional purchase decisions from there.

And simply remember, enclosure encoding doesn’t stop there.

You will constantly be using multiple creates of perception and visual encoding in ~ once. Understanding them will have you seeing what her customer sees and also seeing her bottom line increase as a result.

Once girlfriend understand how to check out what your clients, readers, or customers are seeing, and what they room feeling, you deserve to create any kind of marketing campaign that you want. Or also if friend are just looking to bring some synthetic intelligence right into your employee room, agree hall, or board room, you want to asking yourself, “how do we process information” native the view of all that will see this space.

Maybe changing the means your employee feel once they are in the staff room will result in a more cohesive and also unified team? friend can achieve this by studying just how they process the details of the visual cues lock are at this time working with.

Do they favor ugly green walls? Or perform they seem in much better moods in the board room with the windows?

Enclosures, proximity, and also continuity room all Gestaltian values of visual encoding the can help you do everybody win and elevate your service today. Once you have a large message to send or feeling to inspire, uncover the answers to the age-old question, “how execute we process information” today.

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