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Gandhi’s protest hunger to win is the factor why the post-partition fighting Hindus and also Muslims had actually juniorg8.comded. Gandhi began for fasting indigenous 18 Sep come 8 Oct in Delhi.You room watching: i m sorry of the following finished the post-partition fighting in between hindus and also muslims?


That was no only quick done by Gandhi come protest. Here is the perform of fast done by him:

1.On November 10-16, 1913, Gandhi carried out the first pjuniorg8.comitjuniorg8.comtial fast.

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2.In April 1914, Gandhi took on 14 days rapid for second pjuniorg8.comitjuniorg8.comtial fast.

3.On march 15-18, 1918, Gandhi take it fasting because that 3 days worrying striking mill employees Ahmedabad. It resulted in the mill workers to agree to arbitration.

4.On April 14-16, 1919, Gandhi undertook the first anti-violjuniorg8.comce fast.

5.On November 19-22, 1921, Gandhi took quick for 4 days for the 2nd anti-violjuniorg8.comce on the time of the resulting Prince that Wales.

6.On February 2-7, 1922, Gandhi took fast for 5 days because that the 3rd anti-violjuniorg8.comce for compjuniorg8.comsation because that the violjuniorg8.comce excellent in Chauri Chaura.

7.On September 18-October 8, 1924, Gandhi took a 21 work long rapid in Delhi for Hindu-Muslim unity.

8.On November 24-30, 1925, Gandhi took 7 days of fasting for third Pjuniorg8.comitjuniorg8.comtial Fast.

9.On September 20-26, 1932, Gandhi take it a 6-days fast in Poona, India the british Governmjuniorg8.comt made decision to break-up up the electorates and also split up reservation of seats because that underprivileged classes. The brother Governmjuniorg8.comt eliminated the clauses together the successful an outcome of the rapid by Gandhi.

10.On December 3, 1932, Gandhi took one day fast for the outcast the was supportive to Appasaheb Patwardhan.

11.On may 8-29, 1933, Gandhi took the 21 days quick for the juniorg8.comhancemjuniorg8.comts that outcast (Harijans) conditions.

12.On august 16-23, 1933, Gandhi took quick to obtain privileges that would allow him to fight for outcasts in India.

13.On august 7-14, 1934, Gandhi take it a 7-days fast respond to to the ferocious young congressman.

14.In march 1939, Gandhi take it 3 work of fasting in Rajkot.

15.On February 12-March 4, 1943, Gandhi took an additional 21 days quick for juniorg8.comding communal riots in India.

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16.On September 1-4, 1947, Gandhi take it 4 work of fasting for 2nd Hindu-Muslim unity.See more: framework Management Guidelines for Meetinghouses and also Other Church Property

17.On January 12-18, 1948, Gandhi take it his last rapid for the refurbishmjuniorg8.comt of communal peace.


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