Tea and herbal tea have actually been component of our civilizations since ancient times. We’ve spend them in one method or another for generations and the expertise of which is i beg your pardon has likewise been pass down.

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But why is there a distinction ? Why is one brew ‘tea’ and also the various other ‘herbal tea’ ?

Are they no the same end-result ?

Well, together it transforms out that really issue what you’re thinking of as soon as deciding what is tea and also what is not. Let me explain.


When it concerns steeping tea, you’ll notification it has very particular steep times.

This is because tea pipeline are really sensitive and the level of handling they’ve been through determines exactly how long they deserve to be steeped.

So white tea, i m sorry is a an extremely delicate one that’s had the buds simply sundried, is walk to require a really short steep time, around 2 minutes. It uses very young pipeline (buds, actually) and also needs lower temp water than others (80 C vs 90 C).

As does green tea, yet black tea have the right to be made with higher temp water and also a much longer steep time.

Compare this with natural tea’s practically indefinite steep time, and you’ll see my point. That does matter what sort of natural tea friend use.

For instance dried leaves (like mint tea) steep quicker than dried flower (chamomile or lavender), and much faster than root or bark (cinnamon or ginger or valerian).

This is due to the fact that of the differing thickness you’ll discover throughout the ingredient in organic tea. Vice versa, true tea is all in one size, like the Jasmine ships (little balls, almost slammer than a pea) or the silver- Needle white tea.

A nice, also surface and also size way an even infusion through a smooth, all-round flavor.

This is an additional important distinction between natural teas and also true teas.


I expect this short article cleared things up. True teas and tisanes walk a long method back, and also you’ll sometimes see teas that room a blend of the two.

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Both tea species have a special location in everyone’s kitchen, depending upon what spices a person loves.

The two teas offer different experiences, and it’s as much as each of united state to choose out favorite. And also who said we can’t love both ?

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