Josquin des Prez is widely considered by music scholars to it is in the an initial master that the high Renaissance format of polyphonic vocal music that was emerging throughout his lifetime.In music, the terms polyphony (noun) or polyphonic (adjective) explain a structure consisting of 2 or an ext simultaneous present of elevation melody.

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Let’s look in ~ a simple example. Girlfriend all understand the melody come Row, Row, heat Your Boat. Exercise singing this melody with your teacher:


Click top top the icon to listen the melody played on the piano.

Now let’s song it together a “round” whereby the 2nd voice comes in after the first voice begins. A “round” is a very basic and popular kind of polyphony. “Poly” is a Greek native that way “many”. “Phony” comes from the Greek indigenous “phonos” which method voice or sound. So, polyphony have the right to be assumed of together “many voices”, in this case, two!


You have the right to keep adding voices come the ring to add layers come its polyphonic texture. Try adding a third voice, and also a fourth. Simply hold-up the entry of each added voice until the coming before voice has actually reached the word “gently.”

During the 16th century, Josquin was such an experienced at composing polyphonic music that he acquired the call of gift the best composer the the age. His mastery of technique and expression to be universally imitated and also admired. In fact, he to be so admired the music copyists who obtained unsigned compositions to copy, would authorize the copies “Josquin des Prez” just so world would purchase them!


The item you will research this year in Music memory is a really high spirited tune entitled El Grillo or The Cricket. Here is one English translation of the song’s lyrics:

The cricket is a an excellent singerHe have the right to sing really longHe sings all the time.But the isn't favor the various other birds.If they've sung a tiny bitThey go somewhere elseThe cricket stays where he isWhen the warm is an extremely fierceThen the sings just for love.

Listen come a performance of El Grillo sung by the “Prophets of the Perfect Fifth,” a superb vocal quartet (4 singers) indigenous Israel.

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They’re singing in the original Italian, therefore while you may not be able to understand the words, you will be able to tell once the singers space imitating the sound that the cricket!

El Grillo is an instance of 4-voice polyphony. If you’d prefer to follow the music as the vocal quartet sings, clock this:

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When did johannes Gutenberg introduce movable type printing to Europe?Before printing was widely accessible in Europe, just how would a composer have actually made multiple copies of a song?Why would certainly Josquin des Prez, a Belgian composer v a French name, be writing songs through Italian lyrics?Can friend think of various other composers that composed music for songs v lyrics the were no in their aboriginal language?