Emperor Justinian observed the condition that the Roman law was in and set out to reform the roman legal device by developing his own collection of laws and interpretations based upon the old roman inn laws. The an outcome was a ten-book codex, and also all regulations not had in the codex were repealed.

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Why carry out you think Justinian was a an excellent leader?

In mine opinion, Justinian was a good leader due to the fact that of his accomplishments. Justinian controlled to take over almost every one of the floor Rome has ever controlled over. Justinian produced Justinian code to decision legal questions. He developed many churches consisting of the famous Hagia Sophia.

Do you agree or disagree v the characterization the Justinian together a brand-new Roman emperor Why?

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Do girlfriend agree or disagree with the characterization that Justinian as a new Caesar? Why?Agree— the reconquered much of roman inn Empire, had actually absolute power, built Constantinople. Disagree— that let some heritages slip, changed Roman law with new laws.

Why did Justinian’s code last because that so long?

Justinian code lasted therefore long due to the fact that it created a uniform code that formed the basis not just for the laws governing Byzantine culture but also contemporary society. It was as substantial in knowledge as the was comprehensive in scope.

Why go Justinian code last long?

The byzantine Empire essential its very own laws; a variety of laws had become obsolete and contradictory. Why execute you think the Justinian code lasted for this reason long? It to be fair and substantial and allowed citizens to work out claims and disputes peacefully.

What to be the influence of the Justinian Code?

What is the meaning of the code of Justinian? back the code of Justinian was not, in itself, a new legal code, it rationalized numerous years that existing roman inn statutes. Contradictions and conflicts to be eliminated, and any existing regulations that to be not contained in it were repealed.

What influence did the Justinian Code have on religion?

Many that the laws included in the Codex were aimed in ~ regulating religious practice, contained numerous provisions served to secure the status of Christianity together the state religious beliefs of the empire, uniting church and state, and making anyone that was not linked to the Christian church a non-citizen.

What impact did Justinian’s code have actually in the an ar and over time?

How go Justinian’s Code have an influence beyond the byzantine empire? by the 1100s, it had reached west Europe and also its monarchs; castle modeled your laws and principals on it; guided legitimate thinkers who placed together our law system today.

Why is Justinian significant?

The emperor Justinian i ruled the east Roman, or Byzantine, empire from 527 until 565. He is far-reaching for his initiatives to reclaim the shed provinces the the Western roman inn Empire, his CODIFICATION of roman inn LAW, and also his architecture achievements.

What was the main goal the Justinian as Emperor?

Justinian’s main goal was to re-establish the Roman realm on the entire Mediterranean world. In 552, he achieved his score by rebuilding the roman Empire, which had Italy, Spain, north Africa, Asia Minor, Palestine, and also Syria.

How did Justinian get power?

Justinian’s increase to imperial power started in 527 v his appointment together co-emperor to Justin I, his uncle, who passed away later that exact same year. His sole preeminence was defined by profound efforts to strengthen the empire and also return the state to its former old glory.

What to be Justinian ns priority?

Which to be a priority because that Justinian I? the Patriarch and the Pope.

Which best describes why Constantinople walk not autumn until 1453?

The city was well protected and repelled assaults by invaders. The city was far from oriental territories and only attacked once. The city created partnerships with intruders to stop many attacks.

How did Constantinople respond to numerous?

The Constantinople responded to he invasion however they were weakened. Lock were caught by the footrest Empire and ottoman made the footrest capital. The was provided as the many formal main name in footrest Turkish, and remained in use throughout many of the time up to the loss of the realm in 1923.

Which ideal explains exactly how Constantinople’s location?

Answer: Constantinople’s location connected Europe v the East and also attracted traders with an useful goods. Explanation: Constantinople had actually a very great geographic position, which to be a really important point between Europe and the East.

Who attacked Constantinople in 1453?

Sultan Mehmed II

Which ideal explains just how Constantinople’s location impacted economic development in visiting?

Which best explains how Constantinople’s location influenced economic development in Byzantine? Constantinople’s location permitted many traders to start journeys in find of beneficial goods. Constantinople’s location connected the Eastern and also Western roman empires and brought business.

For i beg your pardon of these an abilities were beforehand Bantu listed quizlet?

The an abilities that early on Bantu were noted are farming, hunting and also iron working.

Which of this is most most likely a reason the beforehand Bantu started to migrate to the south and also east quizlet?

Which of this is most most likely a reason the at an early stage Bantu began to move to the south and also east? lock sought brand-new land because that agriculture. Review the excerpt from an 1852 decided by Italian statesman Giuseppe Mazzini ~ above Lombardy, a region of Italy the was rule by Austria in ~ the time.

What role did the Bantu have in the development of Swahili culture?

What function did the Bantu have in the development of Swahili culture? they influenced transforms in language and also culture. Were very prized and also considered a prize of riches in the empire of an excellent Zimbabwe and in earlier Bantu cultures.

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Which of these an abilities were beforehand Bantu provided Check all the apply?

These skills were early Bantu noted: agriculture fishing hunting ironworking seafaring farming, < hunting and also ironworking. > This answer has been evidenced as correct and helpful.