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Which ideal describes the purpose of this excerpt? review this excerpt native the prologue of Shakespeare"s beat Henry V in i beg your pardon King Henry is described as Harry. A kingdom for a stage princes come act and also monarchs to behold the swelling scene! Then must the warlike Harry choose himself assume the harbor of Mars; and also at his heels Leash"d in prefer hounds should scarcity sword and fire The excerpt is relenten a scene of battle ; and monarchs to behold the swelling scene! method that the kings and queens are watching and also ready to watch the display (Henry in war). The line; Leash"d in prefer hounds should starvation sword and fire describes what the monarchs and also everyone else space seeing in ~ the moment: hungry dogs leashed (not literally). Which finest describes the purpose of this excerpt of the prologue? A that predicts what will take place to Henry at the end. B It says the dispute that occurs at the end of the play. C It introduce the characters of Henry’s enemies . (D) It builds suspense about the war in the play. THE ANSWER because that THIS concern IS D. Read the excerpt from part one of Trifles . COUNTY lawyer (with the gallantry of a young politician). Which ideal describes the result of words " gallantry " in this excerpt? It create the setup by hinting at a period in time when males were more inclined come treat women v respect. Tue january 15 2019 · which statement effectively states the purpose of this excerpt ? ... I m sorry of the following best desc...


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