Las vegas boxing and also UFC schedule 2021 highlights the many thrilling upcoming fights in the Sin City. The city master multiple elite level fights consisting of boxing and also mixed martial arts. Plus, it"s house to the can be fried Fighting Championship and also many UFC occasions take ar right here. The height sports venues that hold most interesting sports events here space MGM grand Garden Arena, T-Mobile Arena and also Mandalay Bay. Therefore if recording a an excellent fight in between poker games is her favorite pastime, climate you space at the ideal place! inspect out the schedule listed below to see what"s hot in the boxing rings and MMA cages in vegas in 2021!

Premier Boxing Champions: James vs. Butaev

When: Saturday, September 12, 2015-2016 Time: TBA

Where: MGM cool Garden Arena


Las las vegas Boxing Schedule 2015-2016 contains boxing fight in between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Andre Berto.

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UFC 189: Chad Mendes vs. Conor McGregor

Saturday, may 02, 2015-2016 time: TBA

Where: MGM cool Garden Arena


Las vegas Boxing Schedule 2015-2016 may incorporate the lengthy awaited fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. And also Manny Pacquiao. We are still wait for the fight to be officially announced.

Keith Thurman vs. Robert Guerrero

When: Saturday, September 13, 2014 time: TBA

Where: MGM cool Garden Arena

Las las vegas Boxing Schedule 2014 includes a rematch in between undefeatable welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather and also his foe Marcos Maidana.

UFC 175: kris Weidman vs. Lyoto Machida

When: Saturday, July 5, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Where: Mandalay only - events Center

UFC: The ultimate Fighter: Frankie Edgar vs.BJ Penn

When: Sunday, July 6, 2014 in ~

Where: Mandalay just - occasions Center

UFC 173: Renan Barao vs. TJ Dillashaw

When: may 24, 2014

Where: MGM grand Garden Arena

Renan Barao will confront TJ Dillashaw together the key card of the UFC 173 trip in las Vegas on may 24. Other opponents will encompass RobbieLawler vs. Jake Ellenberger, Costas Philippou vs. Lorenc Larkin,. Gain your Renan Barao vs. TJ Dillashaw ras Vegas tickets here!

Canelo Alvarez vs. Alfredo Angulo

When: Saturday, in march 08, 2014 time: TBA

Where: MGM cool Garden Arena

Las vegas Boxing Schedule march 2014 gift the extremely anticipated fight the will function two mexican boxers - Canelo Alvarez who lost to Floyd Mayweather critical September, and also Alfredo Angulo. The main card entitled "Toe-to-Toe" through the gold Boy Promotions will be televised via PPV.

UFC 170: Ronda Rousey vs. Buy it McMann


When: February 22, 2014 at

Where: Mandalay Bay, occasions Center

The main occasion of las Vegas UFC 170 ensuing in las Vegas is the fight between Ronda Rousey and Sarah McMann. Key card likewise includes Rashad Evans vs. Daniel Cormier, Rory macdonald vs. Demian Maia.

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WWE: Live


When: Sunday, February 16, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Where: thomas & Mack Center


Las vegas fights schedule in February 2014 includes an amazing wrestling occasion by people Wrestling to chat - WWE Live at thomas & Mack Center. Superstar of this event include John Cena, Batsita, Randy Orton, centimeter Punk and also Kane.


Las las vegas boxing fights are booked 2-3 month in advance. I receive plenty of questions asking around boxing top top the specific dates, unfortunately ns am unable to answer castle all due to the high volume and only one possible answer - If you execute not see any fights top top the details dates of her travel, over there are probably none or they will certainly be booked later. Please check earlier closer to the dates of your travel to Vegas.

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