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at any time a data worth is less than the typical _ A data worth is considered _ if its z-score is less than -2 or higher than 2 the corresponding z-score is an adverse Whenever a data value is much less than the average _ whenever a data worth is less than the median its corresponding z score is from mathematics 1530 at Roane State ar College ns think anytime a data worth is below the average then the equivalent Z-score would certainly be negative. A Z-score indicates the number of standard deviation an element or … ordinary values= btwn -2 & 2 unusual values= much less than -2 usual values = higher than 30 whenever a data is less than the average its equivalent z score is negative. Mon Jun 12 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST) · at any time a data value is much less than the mean _____. Anytime a data value is less than the average the matching z-score is negative. 2. Subtract the average from each individual value. (a perform of deviations the the form (x-mean) 3. Square every of the the worths in action two (x-mean) squared; 4. Include all that the derived squares; 5. Division the full by the number n-1 (1 much less than the total number of samples values) 6. Discover the square source of the result. Anytime a data value is less than the typical . At any time a data worth is much less than the typical the corresponding z-score is negative. We execute not think about it. The equivalent z-score is positive. The is considered unusual. The worth of the t-Test Statistic because that the observed distinctions was -4.7 where the p- worth is less than 0.0002. What conclusion have the right to be … Mon Aug 18 2003 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST) · This can happen if the extreme values top top the little end space farther from the median than the excessive values top top the high side: 1 1 99 99 100 100 100 here the average is 99 but the average is 71.4. The two small values skew the median downward.