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"When You"re Hot, You"re Hot" is a 1971 crossover single written and also recorded by Jerry Reed. The track was his most successful ~ above the country chart, peaking in ~ number one for 5 weeks. "When You"re Hot, You"re Hot" was additionally Jerry Reed"s second song to cross over to the peak 40, peaking at number nine. It additionally appeared in the Australian and brand-new Zealand charts. "When You"re Hot, You"re Hot" was certified gold because that sales the one million units by the Recording sector Association of America. More »

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SonWell now me and also Homer and big John TalleyHad a huge crap game goin" back in the alleyAnd I retained rollin" lock sevens and also winnin" all them potsMy lucky was good I could do no wrongI just kept on rollin" and also controllin" lock bonesFinally they just threw up your hands and also saidWhen you"re warm you"re hot I stated yeahWhen you"re hot you"re hot and also when you"re not you"re notPut every the money in and let"s role "em again when you"re hot you"re hot(La la la la la when you"re warm you"re hot)Well currently every time ns rolled "em dice I"d winAnd I would just acquire ready to roll "em againWhen ns heard other behind me i turned around and also there was a huge ole copHe claimed hello boy and he provided us a grinSaid looks prefer I"m gonna have to haul you all inAnd save all that money for proof I claimed well son once you"re warm you"re hotWhen you"re warm you"re hot and also when you"re no you"re notYou can "splain the all down at city hall once you"re warm you"re hot(La la la la la once you"re hot you"re hot)Well once he take it us into court ns couldn"t believe my eyesThe judge was a fishin" buddy that i recognizedI claimed hey judge old buddy old pal I"ll pay youThat hundred i owe girlfriend if you get me out of this spotSo he provided my friend a small fine to salary he turn around and also grinned at me and also saidNinety days sweet thang as soon as you"re hot you"re warm I stated thanks a lotWhen you"re warm you"re hot and also when you"re no you"re notYou let my girlfriend go free and litter the book at meHe said well as soon as you"re hot you"re hotI stated well ns tell you one point judge old friend old palIf friend wasn"t wearin" that black robe I"d choose you increase by courthouseAnd I"d shot a small bit of her honor on"You recognize that, girlfriend hillbilly?Who gonna collection my welfare?Pay for my Cadillac?Whadda you typical "Contempt of Court"?Judge, oh, judge, judgie poo"

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Jerry Reed Jerry Reed ha (March 20, 1937 – September 1, 2008), known professionally as Jerry Reed, was an American country music singer, guitarist, and songwriter, and also an actor who appeared in much more than a dozen films. His signature songs had "Guitar Man," "A Thing dubbed Love," "Alabama Wild Man," "Amos Moses", "When You"re Hot, You"re Hot" (which garnered a Grammy award for ideal Male nation Vocal Performance), "Ko-Ko Joe", "Lord, Mr.

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Ford", "East Bound and Down" (the theme tune for the 1977 blockbuster Smokey and the Bandit, in i beg your pardon Reed co-starred), "The Bird," and "She got the Goldmine (I acquired the Shaft)". An ext »