Did He Died? (alternatively, “Did He Die?”) is a catchphrase primarily posted by human being attempting to troll in the comment sections of YouTube videos depicting physical injuries or crashes, such as FAIL videos. Although the expression had its start as a troll-bait containing a grammatical error, it has actually been significantly provided in comments without any context, regardless of whether there’s a factor to even question if anyone can have passed away in the video.

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Other variations of the phrase incorporate, “did he dieded” or “did x passed away,” wright here X is the topic of the video.


The initially taped instance of the expression have the right to be discovered in the comments section of a YouTube anime music video<15> uploaded on November fifth, 2006.

What episode did he died? And as soon as did he cut is hair?posted 4 years earlier by 57682835

Although its precise site of origin or the backstory continues to be unknown, the phrase ended up being closely associated with comment trolling in FAIL videos on YouTube and Cheezburger"s FAILBlog before spanalysis to various other videos on YouTube. The earliest known iteration of "did he died?" in the context of FAIL was posted in July 2007 to a YouTube video of a soccer player obtaining injured throughout a game.<7> The phrase was initially identified on Urban Dictionary<4> in December 2008.



Between May and June, a handful of additional interpretations were added to Urban Dictionary<5>, each referencing its famous intake in YouTube comments. By 2009, the phrase was used on 4chan<11> and on May 17th of that year, the initially Yahoo! Answers question<13> about the fad was posted. Several thousand related questions<14> were submitted to the website over the following 3 years.

Throughout 2010, several Facebook groups were created for “did he passed away,” all in relation to FAILBlog, including OMG! Did He Died?<9>, FAIL --> “Did He Died??”<10> and The Guy Who Always Comments “DID HE DIED?” on FAILBlog Videos.<8>

As of May 2012, the phrase is still being offered as a trolling device on YouTube videos<6> and also as a tag on Tumblr.

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Meta Videos

In 2009, videos started appearing as self-aware satires of the expression, via creators using the title in their FAIL videos in anticipation of the comments or in vlog style videos complaining about the commenters who use the phrase. As of May 2012, tbelow are 562 videos via "did he died" in the title.<1>