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Our Bella / Canvas t-shirts are made indigenous a 50% noodle / 50% polyester blend and also are accessible in five various sizes.They"re stylish, soft, and also incredibly comfortable.Machine wash with cold water, and also tumble dried on short heat.

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The shirt ns ordered was not ceded yet??Can you let me know why it wasn’t shipped to the human and attend to I offered when i ordered the on October 5, 2021 please???


I love the shirt. The photo of the birch pipeline is stunningly beautiful. Kudos come Jeanne Gadol!!!And for you Fineartamerica, I very recommend transforming your sizing markings and also getting added larger size tees. Ns purchased a medium since I heard they ran tiny and it fit smaller sized than mine extra tiny shirts and also tees. That means if i buy another design I should buy a large! That makes no sense and also perhaps ns missed it yet nowhere on her website walk I watch information about your actual sizing. BTW, in every my clothing I wear size 2 and also 4, and mostly XS and some S.

Deborah Henry

October 17th, 2021


The quality and delivery of the product was excellent. Really disappointed top top the sizing of the shirt. The XL isLike a small, med in ~ best.

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Funny Joke constant despair. T-shirt because that despair students.

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