is a daily post running the whole month up until the season premiere of shed on February 2nd. I’m going to simply pick something awesome, noteworthy, or ludicrous about LOST when I wake up up the morning, and also hopefully acquire you geeks talking around it v me.>

LOST is a forever unfolding storyline, filled v constantly moving lanes the purpose and never-ending chasms that mystery. Yeah, suck on the fucking epic sentence! five my god! there are particular moments when the entire present tilts top top its axis, veering in the direction of something you never fucking observed coming. And you have actually to give it approximately the writers for continuously having the forceful and ripened genitalia to present these paradigm shifts right into the display even deep into its run. And also don’t pretend you didn’t shit her pants the very first time friend heard the phrase,

What lies in the zero of the statue?

The very first time girlfriend hear it, the dude we know know together Bram, yet who because that months I could only remember as The Chubby male Who Asked that Question, has shoved Miles right into his van. Have you ever wanted to gain shoved right into a valve by a bunch the cloak-and-dagger motherfuckers? ns have. If you acquire shoved into a moving van while guys scream shit prefer “C’MON, C’MON GO-GO-GO!”, you’re more than likely a bad ass.

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So miles does what anyone would perform in that case, he’s really fucking confused, and has no idea what they’re talk about. Chubby man turns under Miles’ inquiry for mad money-money, and tells the he’s play for the not correct team. They then kick miles out and speed off. Because that’s the second part of getting thrown into a speeding van, you’re then shoved out and left to wonder what the fuck is walking on.


And as soon as again, I’m like, what the posesthe is walk on v this show! all of a suddenly there room clandestine teams and also shit? that is the Chubby male rolling with? and what the crap is laying in the shadow of the statue? i mean, the frostbite itself to be pretty obvious. It was Taweret, that massive fucking thing formerly known as The four Toed frostbite after that was diminished to rubble.

But Jesus Christ, as soon as the inquiry is asked, the present tumbles additional down the hare hole. Or probably closer to its true premise, that which ns still have no god cursed idea. What lies in the zero of the statue, and what team go Bram consider himself come be functioning for? There’s countless factions in the show, it is in it Jacob matches Facob, Locke versus Ben, Locke matches Jack, Charlie matches Heroin, Ben versus Widmore.

If miles was working for Widmore, and also Widmore is against Ben, does that average that Bram is allied v Ben? Or does it go past that, and also it encounters Jacob and Facob, and also it has actually been Facob pulling both Widmore and also Ben’s strings? i think I’m going to vomit man onto the ground and also then dance in it.

Just how much does this rabbit hole plummet? Anyone?


My guess? Bram and also Ilana and also their b-boy posse space rolling with Jacob. Consider this. Ilana establish Jacob as soon as he comes to visit her once she’s all blown up and also shit. Jacob directly chills in the foot the the statue. And Richard Alpert, who has forever been well-known as Jacob’s right-hand guy is the only male to prize Ilana’s concern correctly.

What lies in the shadow of the statue?

Ille qui nos omnes servabit.

Lostpedia provides “He who will protect/save us all” as the translation, but also goes on come elaborate:

Via Lostpedia:

More precise translations can be either, “That man who will conserve us all,” or, “That i m sorry will save us all,” if the noun in inquiry is the the woman gender. The Latin native ille does not necessarily refer to a person.

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Alright, so i suppose it’s for sure to assume that it is in referral to Jacob. But do friend think the answers anything? Of food not. What is Jacob walk to conserve them from? Or that is Jacob walk to save them from? and also are Jacob’s intentions important pure, or room they just aligned v him and also buy right into his propaganda. That the fuck knows!

But as soon as the entirety “What lies in the zero of the statue” bullshit is introduced, the game got a lot more complex. We’ve gone from a aircraft crash to two warring deities? Holy good god this is prefer Spanish Fly because that nerds. Simply thinking about it renders me gooey in all the not correct (right) areas.