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This quiz was made for people in Daddy/Little Girl and Daddy/Babygirl Relationships. It is made as a sister quiz come "What sort of little are you?" and "What type of Babygirl are you?" My dad asked if there was one for him and also there wasn"t so i made one.

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Find the end what sort of daddy you space or what type of dad you have actually ♥ The first quiz on this website produced Daddies through a Little. There are 5 types of Daddies listed, Dom Daddy, Cuddly Daddy, huge Daddy, little Daddy and Sadistic Daddy. It"s simply for funny

Created by: DaddysKitt3n

What is your age? Under 18 years Old 18 come 24 years Old 25 to 30 years Old 31 to 40 years Old 41 to 50 years Old 51 come 60 year Old end 60 years OldWhat is your gender? masculine FemaleWhat is your favorite point to perform with your Little/Babygirl? CUDDLE! Watch she play teach she something new give she advice punishment herWhat execute you favor to do as soon as you"re not through your Little/Babygirl? think around cuddling think of brand-new games come play v her job-related think around what new things come teach she think of new ways to punish herWhat is your favorite food come eat with your Little/Babygirl? whatever puts she in the mood to cuddle Take out her favorite her favorite other newWhat is her favorite outfit to check out your Little/Babygirl in? she cuddliest jumper her shirt her favorite outfit something you pick together every little thing you decide she have to wearWhere is your favorite ar to take her Little/Babygirl? almost everywhere as long as we deserve to cuddle anywhere fun everywhere she desires to go anywhere educational come the Dungeon because that punishmentWhat is your favorite thing to watch v your Little/Babygirl? Something come cuddle up too cartoons her selection something new adult moviesWhich word perform you think ideal describes your Little/Babygirl? Cuddly beloved Independant smart InnocentYou celebrate her Little/Babygirl"s birthday by cuddling she senseless taking her somewhere prefer build-a-bear taking her everywhere she wants to go taking her somewhere you have chosen buying new whips come punish she withWhen she is scared you comfort her Little/Babygirl by cuddling she senseless beat a video game with her reading her favourite story speak to she cuffing herAt the finish of a lengthy day the point your Little/Babygirl does to please you is run to you and also give you a huge cuddle setup an task for friend both show you what she has actually learned that day whatever you tell her to be on her hands and knees gagged and also holding she cuffsHow do you display affection/approval for her Little/Babygirl? cuddle she senseless she has actually a sticker/stamp chart ns reward her yet she choose I pick how and when come reward her a spanking/whipping/flogging

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Quiz topic: What kind of dad am I?

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