The Virginia arrangement was suggest by the Virginia delegates because that a Bicameral legislative branch branch. It was drafted by James Madison. The setup was vital for its function in setup forth the idea of populace weighted representation. The brand-new Jersey arrangement was formed in an answer to the Virginia plan. That was additionally known as tiny state plan. It to be proposed by william Paterson. This plan called because that the two housed the the conference to be chosen with the apportionment follow to the population. The less populous states were no in the support of offering most of the control of national federal government to the heavily populated states and hence proposed alternative plan.

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the answer would certainly be A) a fair representation between little and large states in the national legislature


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The problem that the Virginia and brand-new Jersey Plans to be attempting to deal with was the concern of depiction in Congress--with the more populous says wanting depiction to it is in proportional to population, and also the smaller says wanting it to be collection at a specific number every state.

The worry that the Virginia and new Jersey Plans were attempting to fix was the issue of representation in Congress--with the much more populous says wanting representation to it is in proportional come population, and also the smaller says wanting it to be collection at a certain number every state

The concern that the Virginia and brand-new Jersey plans to be attempting to settle was the issue of the variety of Each state"s to represent in Congress.

The Virginia arrangement was a proposal by the representatives of Virginia for Bicameral legislative branch Branch. This arrangement is far-ranging for its power in creating the phase for the convention and, in particular, because that the formulation the the idea of depiction as follow to the population. Whereas the Virginia setup was an acknowledgement to the new Jersey plan of June 1787, for this reason this Virginia arrangement called for Bicameral in Congress.

Although some ideas were taken from The new Jersey plan, initially it was refused together a basis because that the new constitution. Therefore the Virginia setup was embraced in the formation of the brand-new constitution. And also the most substantial use of these plans was used by the Connecticut compromise ( which in part set the legislature structure and also representation that each state would certainly have), that inserted a Bicameral authority by the home of to represent of the united States, chosen by the American people, and that the Senate noted equality the votes to each state as the brand-new Jersey arrangement requested.

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A. fair depiction between little and huge states in the nationwide legislature

The Virginia arrangement called for a congress consisting of 2 houses, through the total number of delegates being divided among states follow to the free population of every state.

The brand-new Jersey setup called because that a home legislature in which each state can only cast one vote. 

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