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The M35 Deuce and also a half has a long, rich background within the United claims Military and also around the world and is well-known as among the many rugged cargo trucks ever before produced. The M35 play a far-ranging role in some of the most crucial moments in world background starting with its arrival in world War II. It’s additionally a sought after prize possession for army surplus collectors looking to own a item of history.

M35 truck Specifications

The Deuce and also a fifty percent is a 2 ½ ton armed forces beast with a 6-cylinder multi-fuel engine weighing in at end 13,000 lbs. The Deuce gets an average of 8-10 miles to the gallon through a 50-gallon tank v a preferably speed roughly 55 mph and can handle virtually any sort of weather and also terrain. The M35 is rated in ~ a load capacity the 5,000 lbs. It deserve to transport ammunition, supplies, and troops and could often bring loads the are dual the encourage weight. That was likewise used to transport ethical John missiles that were in company until the mid-80’s. Extr features for the M35 collection include a 10,000 lbs front mounted winch v the alternative for a turbo engine, 4-450 Schwitzer turbo engine, and a range of LDT multifuel engines.

History of the M35 Series

The M35 family of military trucks do its development in 1950, which began the instead of of the M135 because that the U.S. Military. That quickly became the many diverse and also reliable cargo armed forces trucks in the U.S. Because of the wide selection of supplies it can haul, regularly transporting loads means beyond the volume of various other trucks. The M35 offered as one of the top military trucks for decades including the oriental War and the Vietnam War. The production of M35A1 and also A2 halted in 1988. The new version recognized as the M35A3 was created from 1993-99. The entire M35 series was quiet in use and heavily involved in operation Iraqi liberty from 2003-2011. The M35 is quiet in the U.S. Military inventory and also used by end 20 various countries roughly the world.

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How the M35 got its Nickname


During the early years the M35, it developed the surname “The eager Beaver” due to the fact that of the fording capacity but easily faded out. A few years later, the M35 inherited the nickname “Deuce and a Half” indigenous the GMC CCKW armed forces truck the was design in 1944 and widely supplied during human being War II. Eventually, the M35 came to be synonymous v the “Deuce and a Half” as result of it’s 2 ½ ton volume rating and a wide selection of transferring abilities.