Locke thought in natural rights; contained the appropriate to life, liberty , and also property. Hobbes believed in a powerful government , and also that civilization were naturally, cruel, greedy , and also selfish.

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Philosophers praised liberty of expression, and also argued education and learning for all. Attacked divine-right theory and traditional rights.
Achievements such as the frame for contemporary chemistry, vaccines against small pox , and also the research of factor to use in human society , to be contributions to the Enlightenment.
They applied methods the science. They thought that the use of reason might lead to reforms of government, law, and also society
He felt the the government had a duty to defend society, provide in justice, and provide public works.
The policy of laissez-faire allowed business to operate with small or no government interference. Physiocrats supported free trade and also opposed tariffs. The physiocrats declared that their financial system was based upon the natural laws that economics.

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Arts progressed to meet an altering tastes and reflect brand-new Enlightenment ideas. Art and also music changed from BAROQUE layout to the lighter ROCOCO. A new form of literary works - a prose type called the NOVEL started.

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Modern World background Patterns of InteractionDahia Ibo Shabaka, Larry S. Krieger, Linda Black, Phillip C. Naylor, i get it B. Beck

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