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Lab Activities Packet Tracer – Connecting a Wired and Wireless LAN

What are two factors for physics layer protocols come use structure encoding techniques? (Choose two.)

to mitigate the number of collisions ~ above the mediato differentiate data bits from manage bitsto provide much better media error correctionto determine where the framework starts and also endsto boost the media throughput
An encoding an approach converts a currently of data bits in a predefined code that have the right to be well-known by both the transmitter and also the receiver. Utilizing predefined fads helps to distinguish data bits from control bits and also provide better media error detection.

What is shown by the term throughput?

the guarantee data move rate available by an ISPthe volume of a particular medium to carry datathe measure up of the usable data transferred throughout the mediathe measure of the bits transferred throughout the media over a given duration of timethe time it takes for a post to gain from sender come receiver
Throughput is the measure up of the move of bits across the media over a given duration of time. Throughput is affected by a number of factors such as, EMI and also latency, therefore it rarely matches the mentioned bandwidth because that a network medium. The throughput measurement contains user data bits and other data bits, such together overhead, acknowledging, and also encapsulation. The measure of the usable data transferred across the media is referred to as goodput.

A network administrator notices that part newly installed Ethernet cabling is carrying corrupt and distorted data signals. The brand-new cabling was set up in the ceiling close to fluorescent lights and electrical equipment. I m sorry two factors may interfere through the copper cabling and result in signal distortion and also data corruption? (Choose two.)

EMIcrosstalkRFIsignal attenuationextended size of cabling
EMI and RFI signals can distort and also corrupt data signals that are lugged by copper media. This distortions commonly come from radio waves and also electromagnetic tools such together motors and florescent lights. Crosstalk is a disturbance that is brought about by nearby wires bundled too close along with the magnetic ar of one cable affecting another. Signal attenuation is caused when an electrical signal starts to damage over the size of a copper cable.

Which characteristic defines crosstalk?

the distortion of the network signal from fluorescent lightingthe distortion the the sent messages from signals brought in surrounding wiresthe weakening the the network signal over long cable lengthsthe loss of wireless signal over too much distance from the accessibility point
EMI and RFI deserve to distort network signals due to the fact that of interference native fluorescent lamp or electrical motors. Attenuation outcomes in deterioration of the network signal as it travels follow me copper cabling. Wireless devices can experience loss the signals because of excessive distances from a access point, yet this is not crosstalk. Crosstalk is the disturbance led to by the electric or magnetic areas of the signal carried on an surrounding wire within the exact same cable.

What an approach is offered with UTP cable to help protect against signal interference from crosstalk?

twisting the wires together into pairswrapping a foil shield about the cable pairsencasing the cables within a versatile plastic sheathterminating the cable with special base connectors
To aid prevent the effects of crosstalk, UTP cable wires space twisted together right into pairs. Twisting the wires together reasons the magnetic areas of each wire to publication each various other out.

Refer to the exhibit. The pc is connected to the console harbor of the switch. All the other connections are made through FastEthernet links. Which varieties of UTP cables can be provided to affix the devices?


CCNA1 thing 4 v5.1 001

All 3 networks use CSMA/CANone of the networks need media accessibility control.Network 1 supplies CSMA/CD and also Network 3 uses CSMA/CA.Network 1 uses CSMA/CA and also Network 2 provides CSMA/CD.Network 2 provides CSMA/CA and Network 3 offers CSMA/CD.

What is had in the trailer that a data-link frame?

logical addressphysical addressdataerror detection
The trailer in a data-link frame has error detection information that is pertinent to the frame consisted of in the FCS field. The header consists of control information, such together the addressing, while the area the is shown by the word “data” includes the data, transport layer PDU, and the IP header.

As data travel on the media in a stream of 1s and 0s exactly how does a receiving node determine the beginning and end that a frame?

The transmitting node inserts start and also stop bits right into the frame.The transmitting node sends out a beacon to educate that a data frame is attached.The receiving node identify the beginning of a structure by see a physics address.The transmitting node sends out an out-of-band signal come the receiver about the beginning of the frame.
When data travel on the media, that is converted into a stream of 1s and also 0s. The framing process inserts right into the framework start and stop indicator flags so the the destination can detect the beginning and end of the frame.

What is the role of the CRC value that is found in the FCS field of a frame?

to verify the integrity of the obtained frameto verify the physical resolve in the frameto verify the logical resolve in the frameto compute the checksum header for the data ar in the frame
The CRC value in the FCS ar of the received framework is contrasted to the computed CRC value of the frame, in order come verify the truth of the frame. If the two values perform not match, then the frame is discarded.

Fill in the blank.

The ax bandwidth indicates the capacity of a tool to lug data and also it is commonly measured in kilobits per 2nd (kb/s) or megabits per 2nd (Mb/s).

Fill in the blank.

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What acronym is supplied to recommendation the data connect sublayer the identifies the network great protocol encapsulated in the frame? LLC

Match the qualities to the correct form of fiber. (Not all alternatives are used.)

From year come year, Cisco has updated numerous versions with distinction questions. The latest version is variation 6.0 in 2018. What is your version? It counts on your instructor creating your class. We recommend you come go believed all version if you room not clear. While girlfriend take digital test v, girlfriend may obtain random inquiries from every version. Each version have 1 come 10 different questions or more. After you testimonial all questions, You have to practice through our virtual test system by go to "Online Test" attach below.

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Lab Activities Packet Tracer – Connecting a Wired and also Wireless LAN

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