Once Fortnite players have completed all season 8 week 7 challenges, they will be able to collect a concealed battle star for the week. Follow this guide to discover it.

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fortnite s8w7 battle star location
A brand-new week means a new set of difficulties for Fortnite players. For season 8 week 7, players are tasked through visiting 3 of Fortnite"s piprice camps in a single enhance, eliminating 5 opponents in Named Locations, and also a distinctive staged difficulty for dealing damages while on a zipline and then to those on a zipline. Completing these and the other obstacles will reward players through a loading display that depicts the Fortnite seachild 8 week 7"s secret fight star location.

Looking at the loading display screen (shown above), it can be hard to uncover the hint. Like Fortnite season 8 week 6, the hint is harder to decipher than previous loading screens, but looking on the left side of it will expose some markings on the wall. While the location that the Luxe skin is diving into is unknown, these marqueens have actually been offered to identify the place of the trick fight star.

Players will certainly desire to return to Fortnite"s Wooden Rablittle bit that they saw in week 6 and land on the arch of its earlier to uncover the secret battle star. It"s worth discussing that, though this is not typically a high thickness area, players must expect to watch others going after this key fight star, particularly because Fortnite season 8 is officially on the earlier end of its life expectancy.

With just a couple of weeks continuing to be in seaboy 8, it seems likely that many kind of Fortnite players will certainly begin wrapping up difficulties and collecting their trick fight stars and also banners. For players in this situation, we"ve put together this guide on how to discover the places of all Fortnite seaboy 8 secret fight star and also banners.

What comes currently at the tail end of Fortnite seaboy 8 or as Epic Gamings builds up to seachild 9 stays to be checked out, yet it"s worth discussing that the developer isn"t one for relaxing on its laurels. Seaboy 8 witnessed the volcano burst out of the ground, so seachild 9 will certainly should be huge to stand out.

Fortnite is out currently for Android, iOS, COMPUTER, PS4, Switch, and also Xbox One.

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