around Still the One

"Still the One" is a song written by Johanna Hall and John Hall, and recorded through the soft rock team Orleans on their album Waking and also Dreaming, exit in 1976, which do it come No. 5 ~ above the Billboard hot 100. Country singer invoice Anderson recorded and released a successful cover version, peaking at No. 11 ~ above Billboard"s Hot country Singles graph in 1977.

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We"ve been with each other since way back whenSometimes I never wanna view you againBut I want you to know, after every these yearsYou"re quiet the one I desire whisperin" in mine earYou"re still the one, i wanna speak to in bedStill the one, that turns my headWe"re still having actually fun, and also you"re quiet the oneI look at your confront every dayBut I never ever saw it "til ns went awayWell climate winter came, I simply wanted to walk (wanted to go)Deep in the desert, ns longed because that the snowYou"re tho the one, that provides me laughStill the one, that"s my far better halfWe"re still having actually fun, and you"re tho the oneYou"re still the one, that makes me strongStill the one, ns wanna take alongWe"re still having actually fun, and you"re tho the one (yes, you are)OohOohChanging, our love is walk goldEven despite we thrive old, it grows newYou"re tho the one, that ns love come touchStill the one, and also I can"t acquire enoughWe"re still having fun, and you"re quiet the oneYou"re tho the one, who can scratch mine itchYou"re quiet the one, and also I wouldn"t switchWe"re still having fun, and also you"re tho the oneYou are still the one that makes me shoutStill the one that i dream aboutWe"re still having fun, and you"re still the oneYou space still the one, yeah, still the oneWe"re still having fun, and also you"re still the one

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orleans Orleans is one American pop-rock band ideal known for its access time "Dance through Me" (1975), "Still the One", indigenous the album Waking and also Dreaming (1976) and also "Love take away Time" (1979). The group"s name progressed from the music the was playing at the time of their formation, i beg your pardon was influenced by Louisiana artist such as Allen Toussaint and also the Neville Brothers. Orleans was created in Woodstock, brand-new York in January 1972 through vocalist/guitarist/songwriter john Hall, vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Larry Hoppen and drummer/percussionist Wells Kelly. In October of the year, the group broadened to incorporate Larry"s younger brother, Lance, ~ above bass.

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Drummer Jerry Marotta join in 1976, perfect the quintet. An ext »