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30 Day Hold on Payment?

Seriously? This is the enhanced variation of, where someone pays, andwright here I ship a $xxxx item, and now have to wait 30 days prior to willrelease MY money!? If anything goes wrong, I"ll be out thousands ofdollars, and the item offered is an ant...

by ateliermcmillan Adventurer

Manage Payments Worst Feature Has Ever Implemented

Managed Payments is the worst concept that has actually ever before come up through .They have made some bad decisions in the previous that always advantage thebuyer and not the seller.In the previous buyers made a payment which wentbest to my Paypal account. These funds w...

by barbsfinn Adventurer

The Worst Seller Protection Case You'll Ever See, This is Not a Safe Place Folks.

by fairdeal*lb Trailblazer
by hapukotuwersiriwa_0 Enthusiast

buyers cant pay

hello, why is not accepting my debit card payment ??? i obtained youremail. i almost follow the instructions that you given. however still i cantpay. so pls assist me even more what you can. i am additionally traying to perform thisanother card. give thanks to you

by sunkaluar_45 Enthusiast

Sri Lankan financial institution card concern

Is tright here any kind of trouble via paying for products utilizing Sri Lankancredit/delittle bit cards? I heard LK government enforced some restrictions foronline credit/delittle card consumption,any type of one understand around this clearly?

buyers cant pay

hello have the right to pay payment from paypal.but i cant pay my payment fromdelittle card.what is problem?

Resolved! CS asking me to Zelle them $$$

So, I haven"t marketed on for a while and also made a sale and discovered out itmight take a month or so to acquire passist. I dubbed the 866 customer serviceline and also gained a guy through an Indian accent that was pleasant to work-related with.I explained I"d like to gain passist so...

Been a month mo payout mo time line cant verify proof of purchase bank over fdrawn 1310$ sitting thr

been waiting a month for them to verify began out as identity andfinancial institution. Now they want proof of purchase which I inherited a lot ofso noway to present and also they are still asking for the indevelopment when I toldthe i dont have and also still not releasing my...'s New Payment System is TERRIBLE for sellers and also buyers achoose.

I"m a really tiny seller. That shelp I have actually been both a buyer and also selleron the website for over 20 years."s new payment alert isessentially a message that states "Trust obtained"ll seethe money in a couple of days...hopetotally." With ...


I made a purchase on August 29, 2021. A week later the item reflects nolonger obtainable. Around the same time the card that was used for thispurchase was canceled and also the bank acquired a repursuit to have another cardissued to an additional state, not by me. So, ...

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