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Simple devices make job-related easier.There are 6 kinds of an easy machines: lever, pulley, screw, wedge, inclined plane, and also wheel and also axle. You can combine an easy machines into something more complex called a link machine; because that example, a bike is comprised of screws, levers, a pulley and also a wheel and axle. Construct a simple maker to beginning a water balloon!

Two the same gallon or half-gallon milk jugs, with handlesYardstick20-inch dowel rodTwo large rubber bandsPaper bowl or cupDuct tapeWater balloonsWater

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Fill the jugs with water, lid them and also put lock on the soil or a table.Attach the yardstick perpendicular come the dowel using two rubber bands that make an X shape. Collection the dowel at the 8-inch mark. Remainder each finish of the dowel inside the jug handles.Tape a file bowl to the other end of the yardstick.Hold the bowl end down and also load it through a tiny water balloon.To launch, simply push down on the other finish of the yardstick and get the end of the way!

This deserve to be hard to visualize! check this paper for some additional visual instructions.

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A catapult is a form of simple an equipment called a lever. A bar is a bar focused on a turning point called a fulcrum that"s offered to raise or move weights. Levers do it less complicated to lift heavy things, favor a human being or a seesaw. In the catapult, the bar (yardstick) pivots on the fulcrum (dowel) in order to raise the bowl and also toss the water balloon.