There are currently around 11 bazillion threat of Rain 2 items - here"s exactly how to obtain "em


With the relax of the an abilities 2.0 update, the variety of Risk of Rain 2 items has reached new heights, and there are already more items on the way. Testing and also combining brand-new items is the best component of the nutty third-person shooter, so we"ve rounded up every the methods to unlock much more Risk the Rain 2 items. Any type of items not on this list are available by default - you just have to acquire them to drop, i beg your pardon comes down to pure luck. We"ll update this perform as much more updates room released, therefore check back if you"re having trouble unlocking new items.

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Common / White hazard of Rain 2 items

Tougher Times: chance to block just arrived damage. To unlock: die five times. that shouldn"t be a problem.Paul"s Goat Hoof: rises movement speed. To unlock: fail a Shrine of opportunity three times in a row. You have to fail on the exact same Shrine of opportunity - the persons that price money and reward item - for this reason cross her fingers the other way and pray for the worst.Crowbar: deal an ext damage to opponents with 90% or much more of their health. To unlock: uncover ten different common / White items. You"ll unlock this naturally simply by playing, but you deserve to speed increase the procedure by buying new items native those three-pronged vending machines.Medkit: reclaim a little of health approximately one second after acquisition damage. To unlock: defeat an elite monster. You"ll find elites almost everywhere the location on higher difficulties, therefore you"ll hit this one out pretty quickly.Bundle that Fireworks: opened a chest or container launches homing fireworks that damages enemies. To unlock: duplicate the same item seven times in a heat at a 3D printer. 3D printers space those tiny machines that spit out specific items. When you usage one, you"ll shed a arbitrarily item from your inventory in exchange for everything that printer is offering.Backup Magazine: gain one extra fee on your second skill. To unlock: fee a teleporter without acquiring hit. This one takes part doing. Pat safe, play through friends, and try to death the boss conveniently so you can safely continue to be inside the red teleport charge aura.Rusted Key: spawns a complimentary bonus chest in every level. To unlock: defeat a teleporter ceo in under 15 seconds. Your best bet right here is come scrounge up items in the first and 2nd stages, then melt the phase two boss. Move as quick as you have the right to to keep the an obstacle timer short while collecting as countless DPS-boosting items together possible.Armor-Piercing Rounds: deal an ext damage to bosses. To unlock: charge a teleporter. You have to beat a stage, basically. So, you know, go carry out that.Old Guillotine: insta-kill upstream monsters below 20% health. To unlock: defeat 500 elite monsters. Nothing fancy, just keep playing and also killing elites and you"ll gain this item eventually.

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Rare / green Risk of Rain 2 item

Predatory Instincts: critical access time increase assault speed. To unlock: with 200% attack speed. The easiest method to buff your assault speed is through stacking Soldier"s Syringes using a 3D printer. Girlfriend can additionally stand in a Warbanner aura or create Berzerker"s Pauldrons (more on those later).Harvester"s Scythe: increased vital hit chance, vital hits cure you. To unlock: complete a Prismatic Trial. You have the right to queue up a Prismatic attempt - basically a time psychological in a managed environment - native the main menu. Girlfriend don"t need to top the leaderboards or anything, just complete one successfully.Infusion: defeating monsters rises your maximum health (up to +100). To unlock: loss 3,000 enemies. You"ll unlock this eventually, yet if you want to rate up the grind, you can camp a teleporter there is no finishing the charge.Berzerker"s Pauldron: killing 3 or much more enemies within one 2nd triggers a six-second buff which rises your movement speed by 50% and your strike speed through 100%. To unlock: charge the teleporter with less than 10% wellness remaining. Your health and wellness needs to it is in low as soon as you finish charging the teleporter, therefore let the last couple of enemies whittle you down right prior to you struggle 100% charge.War Horn: utilizing your devices item gives you a huge attack speed boost for a couple of seconds. To unlock: activate and also complete 3 Combat shrines in one stage. Combat shrines are the clay totems through the violet signals end them, not the claw-shaped attempt of the hill shrines. Lock summon adversaries when activated, so just scout out every stage closely until you get one with three shrines.

Runald"s Band and also Kjaro"s Band: chance on struggle to generate an ice blast or fire tornado, respectively. To unlock: open up the mystery chamber in the exit Aqueduct and defeat the bosses inside. The exit Aqueduct is that sandy, desert-looking level. There"s a small area come the north-ish with a gate along the ago wall. Look for two little buttons top top the ground about that area. They generate in arbitrarily places, so start your find at the pit in prior of the gate and also spread outward. You and a friend need to step on both buttons at the same time to open up the gate. Inside you"ll uncover two elite lizards. Kill them to unlock this paired items.Wax Quail: jumping if sprinting boosts you forward. To unlock: reach 300% motion speed. This item is similar to Predatory Instincts in the you can cheese it making use of a 3D printer with Paul"s Goat Hoofs, energy Drinks, or Red Whips available. Friend can likewise collect those items naturally and finish points off with a Warbanner aura.

Legendary / Red hazard of Rain 2 items

N"kuhana"s Opinion: fire homing flame skulls as soon as healed. To unlock: discover the altar come N"kuhana. This altar has a possibility of spawning in the Wetlands level. Look for the L-shaped rock platform jutting out of the cliff to the right, walk increase it, and look for an opening follow me that cliff. You should see some roots poking the end of the wall surface near the opening. Make your way to the opened - jumping off the cliff if important - and head with the cavern inside, following the red lights. You"ll concerned a large chamber through a skeleton floating in the middle. Shoot the skeleton to unlock N"kuhana"s Opinion, then drop down into the abyss to return to the Wetlands. Refer to the GIF above if you acquire lost.57 leaf Clover: boosts the possibilities of random effects working in your favor. To unlock: complete 20 step in a single run. The just real shortcut to this items is play on easy difficulty, and even then, clearing 20 step won"t have to be easy. To keep things manageable, prioritize finding and charging teleporters. Don"t shot and achieve every single item in every level, together you operation the danger of gift outstripped by the ever-ticking challenge timer.Sentient Meat Hook: chance top top hit come summon homing, damaging meat hooks. To unlock: loop back to the an initial stage. You"ll must clear about seven step to loop earlier to the begin - think that it as reaching brand-new Game+. Oh, and also if you watch the Celestial Portal which leads to the obelisk, be certain to walk to the next stage fairly than using the obelisk.

Soulbound Catalyst: death reduce tools (use item) cooldown. To unlock: discover and also activate eight distinctive Newt Altars. one Altar that Newt can be discovered in random areas in every level, so you"ll simply need to scour for them. If that helps, lock look favor clam shells from a distance. Each altar prices one Lunar Coin come activate, so you"ll have to collect eight to unlock this item.Dio"s finest Friend: get one extra life. To unlock: remain alive because that 30 minutes. This is a cinch on simple difficulty, so just play it for sure for fifty percent an hour.Brainstalks: killing upstream monsters triggers a three-second buff during which your skills have no cooldowns. To unlock: loss an elite boss on monsoon (hard) difficulty. The key word here is elite boss, not elite enemy. Elite bosses don"t spawn until later on stages, at which suggest the challenge timer will certainly likely have reached the "HAHAHA" stage. Monsoon challenge is no joke, so bring friends for this challenge.Rejuvenation Rack: all healing results are doubled. To unlock: reach and also clear the third stage without healing. Your organic regen doesn"t count against this challenge, obviously, but you do must avoid all other healing items. That means no Medkits, no Monster Tooth, no Bustling Fungus - nothing. Just take it slow and also hide to regen once necessary.

Lunar / Blue hazard of Rain 2 items

Gesture the the Drowned: reduces tools (use item) cooldown by 50% yet forces it to activate at any time it"s available. To unlock: kill 20 hermit crabs by chasing them off a cliff. You know those little stalagmite things that shooting rocks in ~ you? Yeah, those space hermit crabs. When you get close to them, they"ll scuttle in opposing direction. Your goal is to pressure them to scuttle best off a cliff, so think the this as an practice in herding. Luckily, friend don"t need to kill every 20 in one run. Summon every one of your patience and also channel your inner sheepdog.Glowing Meteorite (use): rain down meteors which damages all characters, including you. To unlock: attain five lunar item in a single run. Lunar items have the right to come with significant drawbacks, for this reason this is simpler said 보다 done. You can obtain lunar item by to buy them indigenous lunar chests found about levels for one coin apiece, or at the lunar shop accessed via the blue portal for two or three coins apiece. Given that your goal is to continue to be alive long enough to get 5 lunar items, I"d steer clean of the shame Glass and Transcendence items, which make you much an ext vulnerable.Helfire Tincture (use): ignite all personalities within eight meters, including yourself, dealing ticking fire damages to everything. To unlock: death 15 adversaries simultaneously. when Risk the Rain 2 says simultaneously, it method it. We"re no talking "within one second" or "with the exact same Huntress glaive" here. Instantly. There room no shortcuts here: you"re walking to require a huge group that enemies and also one hell that a burst capability or item. Take it the methods you offered to unlock the turbulent Tesla Coil and dial them to 11.Strides that Heresy: replace your utility ability with Shadowfade. Fade away to cure 25% of your maximum health and become intangible and gain 30% motion speed for 3 seconds. To unlock: death 15 bosses in one run. This is an additional straightforward, brute pressure item: simply keep playing till you death 15 bosses.

Equipment / Orange risk of Rain 2 items

The Back-up: summon a horde of win drones because that 25 seconds. To unlock: fix 30 drones or turrets. friend can discover drones and also turrets stuck in the ground almost everywhere the place. They gain exponentially more expensive together time walk on, so try to buy them early on. After ~ a few runs, you"ll have your backup.Royal Capacitor: zap a targeted enemy, handle high damage and stunning it. To unlock: loss all teleporter bosses after activating two temples of the Mountain. Every Shrine of the mountain you cause spawns 2 or for this reason extra bosses as soon as you activate the teleporter, so activating 2 will approximately triple your ceo count. Have actually fun!The Crowdfunder: fires a consistent hail that bullets which cost $1 each (price scales over time). To unlock: collection $30,480 gold total. You"ll unlock this ultimately just by playing. And yes, if you"re wondering, the Kickstarter because that the original Risk the Rain go raise $30,480.Gnarled Woodsprite: gain a woodsprite that heals you and can be sent out to heal allies. To unlock: completely upgrade a Shrine of the Woods. You"ll discover Shrines of the Woods in the far-off Roost, the foggy stage with several evergreen trees. They look like environment-friendly shamanistic totems, and they expense money to use. Usage the exact same shrine 3 times to max the out and also unlock this item.
Preon Accumulator: fire a blob of power which zaps surrounding enemies and explodes on impact. To unlock: open up the timed security chest in Rallypoint Delta. Rallypoint Delta is the snowy map which is frequently the 3rd stage. The timed protection chest will lock after ~ ten minutes, therefore in other words, you have to reach the third-ish stage and also find the chest in ~ ten minutes. The chest seems to spawn almost everywhere the place, but it"s often found smack in the center of the phase (and sometimes inside a crate). Godspeed!Radar Scanner: show every chests and also containers ~ above the map because that ten seconds. To unlock: collection ten monster or environment logs. These research logs fall randomly, so just keep playing and keep your eyes peeled for floating textbooks.Eccentric Vase: create a quantum tunnel approximately 1,000 meters long. To unlock: defeat the ceo of the Gilded coast without any kind of lanterns walk out. You can accessibility the Gilded coastline by activating a golden Shrine prior to activating the teleporter for the stage. These temples are rarely spawns, so store your eye peeled. Take the gold portal that appears and also you"ll get in the Gilded Coast. Once inside, kill opponents to earn money i m sorry you can use to irradiate the 7 lanterns in the area. As soon as all seven are lit, you"ll have the ability to damage the boss. Remember, kill him before any kind of lanterns go out. This difficulty is pretty tough, for this reason I"d carry friends because that this.

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Blast Shower: cleanse all negative effects, consisting of debuffs and also damage-over-time effects. To unlock: die 3 fiery deaths. Yep, you need to burn yourself alive to unlock this. The easiest method to perform this is to uncover Blazing Elites and also let them lay right into you, but be certain to run away as soon as your wellness gets low, the you have the right to ensure the the fire period is the thing that death you.
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