KonoSuba: God"s Blessing on This Wonderful World! or KonoSuba for short, is a novel series by Natsume Akatsuki. It started off as a web novel and became officially published as a light novel due to its popularity. Today, its first anime season has ended with the second already announced.

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I wanted to touch on this because it"s one of the surprise hitters this anime season and could possibly be placed in my number 1 spot as best anime of the season. I never expected to like this and I wasn"t even properly sold in the first episode but as it went on, I grew to love it.
Best. Animation. Ever.

From the overly eccentric characters to the metahumour parody of the "video game world" genre to the incredibly entertaining voice acting, KonoSuba is near God level among other comedy-focused animes (another God level that comes to mind is Monthly Girls" Nozaki-kun). It knows what it is and does not hold back from playing around with every single trope of the genre out there.
But let"s be honest, the show wouldn"t be as strong as it is without its bright cast of characters. We have the main character, Sato Kazuma, who"s an incredibly witty NEET/Otaku who dreams of achieving cool things in this new world but is always blindsided by his not-as-capable party which comprises of the simpleminded yet arrogant Goddess, Aqua, the one-spell chuunibyou wonder, Megumin, and the masochistic noble crusader, Darkness.
New favourite Loli

Each character is primed with incredible voice acting and is so distinct from one another that while their whole dynamic as a party is a jumbled mess, they radiate a unique sense of friendship which, when coordinated by Kazuma, transforms from their Achilles Heel to their Trojan Horse.
Or at least that"s what I would like to say but more often than not, they simply win due to the incredulous combination of a pain-seeking crusader, a trigger happy wizard, a party-crazy priest and the "luckiest" adventurer in the world. Seriously, these characters are gold.
Masochism never looked better

I haven"t even touched on the other characters like Wiz and Verdia or the incredible music. The opening represents the start of a grand adventure full of romance, comedy and heart while the ending signifies the end of the day with a track that truly soothes the soul.

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My expression when people don"t watch this show

The series uses everything in its repertoire to deliver an engaging and hilarious fantasy adventure. If you have not checked this anime out yet, I highly recommend you do. Throw away your feelings from ERASED, remove your sweet tooth from Dagashi Kashi and destroy your desires from Grimgar. What you need is a little of God"s blessing on this wonderful world!
I"ve already ventured into the light novels, having no patience to await the very much anticipated second season. After all, I need a little explosion in my life.